Christians should join govt on anti-corruption war-Cleric

Christian under the aegis of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lagos Chapter, recently converged on The Apostolic Church Convention Ground, LAWNA, Ketu for the 2016 Inter- Denominational Divine Service (IDDS) to intercede for the nation.

With the theme ‘Great Faith, The Antidote To Helplessness,’ the event drew participants from various denominations across Lagos and beyond.

In his welcome address, Chairman of Lagos Chapter of CAN, Apostle Alexander Bamgbola said the IDDS is essentially a time separated for the solemn assembly of all Christians in the state to pray for the nation.

Bamgbola, who noted that the interdenominational prayers in time past has yielded results as god answered the prayer for a Christian governor for Lagos State. “It is most gratifying to note with thanksgiving to our great God Jehovah, that God answered our prayers. Today to the glory of God, we have in our midst our God-given executive governor of Lagos State; Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.”

Speaking on the theme, ‘Great Faith the Antidote to Helplessness’, the guest speaker, His Eminence, Elder (Professor) Joseph Otubu, General Evangelist Motailatu Church Cherubim and Seraphim Worldwide (MCCSW), described faith as complete reliance on God and total obedience to Him.

Otubu, a gynecologist, bemoaned the faithless nature of men, who when faced with challenges, seek help first from other sources before seeking God.
Buttressing faith as the antidote to helplessness, the speaker made reference to the biblical accounts of the woman with the issue of blood. He also gave the example of friends of the paralytic man and Jesus’ disciple-Peter who in their dire situations demonstrated great faith which brought divine remedy to their predicaments.


“The woman with the issue of blood for 12 years went from one doctor to the other seeking care. She got to the state of helplessness. She went shopping for doctors until the point which she could no longer shop for doctors because her money got finished. This can be related to those who try other places before finally turning to God,” he said.

Worried about the high poverty level in most families, the guest speaker encouraged Christians to join in the anti-corruption war and also urged the rich to share their wealth with the poor.

“I am worried that we are in a country where the large proportion is poor and the small portion has all the money. That is wrong, we must share with our neighbours, we must share our resources with the less privileged. If one rich person was to take ten families and help them, I tell you poverty will be reduced,” he said, calling on Christians to support the war against corruption in Nigeria.

“I call on Christians in particular, to rise to the anticorruption war, because if you fight corruption and recover from it we can give it to the poor. I give tribute to CAN Lagos for taking the lead in the war against corruption; all of us must join in the fight.”

Commending the IDDS initiative, Lagos state governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, who was represented by Honourable Lola Akande, commissioner of women affairs and poverty alleviation, said that; “I’m quite delighted to be at the service, which always draws Nigerian Christians together irrespective of their languages as it holds as one of the major Christian activities where Christians come together to pray for the private and government institutions. I commend CAN for the initiative and encourage other religions to also follow suit.”

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