‘Yonggi Cho Influenced Virtually Every Pastor On Earth’

A Nigerian missionary to Tanzania, Pastor Dayo Adetunji has commiserated with Christians across the world and especially the Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, Korea over the passage of their founder, Pastor David Yonggi Cho who passed early today. Adetunji said Cho had positively influenced virtually every pastor on earth.

Adetunji who serves in Tanzania told National Wire how Cho was a great influence on his life and ministry.

“Pastor Yonggi Cho has been an influence to every pastor in the world, particularly I was impressed by the way he started the Yoido Full Gospel Church and the prayer mountain in a difficult country just recovering from economic challenges in a very difficult terrain,” Adetunji said.

Continuing, the missionary who has served in several places before stationing in Tanzania said he was further encouraged by the cell system popularised by Cho in the early days of his ministry in Korea.

“My second encouragement is the cell system he introduced. He taught virtually every pastor on earth to do ministry in small groups. We thank God for him,” he added.

Thirdly, Adetunji whose ministry runs the DANES English Medium School in Kigogo Kibada- Kigamboni, Tanzania said he was inspired by the books from Yonggi Cho. “Reading his books many years ago sparked revival in me and taught me how prayer can break national barriers.

“My wife and I studied the book and so we were blessed to have known him and we bless God for that and we prayed we too will live to be faithful and fulfill our dreams in Jesus name,” he said.

Formerly Paul Yonggi Cho, David Yonggi Cho was born on the 14th February 1936 in Ulsan, South Korea. He attended Hansei University and Kookmin University. He founded the Yoido Full Gospel Gospel Church in Seoul, South Korea and wrote several books that have transformed lives including his book, the Fourth Dimension.

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel