Worse than Boko Haram is here in Fulani herdsmen-Ore, PFN CHAIR

Ore (m) with other members of executive of PFN

Chairman of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Lagos Chapter, Bishop Sola Ore has called on the Federal Government to check the incessant killing of Christians by the Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria.

Ore who addressed the press during the Lagos PFN’s meeting at FESTAC Town, Lagos, pointed that the group has been interceding for Nigeria as well as carrying out other humanitarian services among its members.

“We have organised prayer conferences and meetings interceding for Nigeria. We have had empowerment seminars to equip our members for effective ministry in this generation. Our women have given out several items to help the financial status of indigent Pastors’ wives.”

On the state of the nation, Ore who presides over Love Aglow Ministry observed the unpleasant events that have happened in Nigeria in recent times which necessitates the organisation to speak up.

“Our silence over the years was not because we lacked what to say but our silence has been largely due to our own peculiar style. We had wanted to watch the situation in the country and give ourselves to the ministry of the word and prayers this we have been doing in the last two years of this administration of PFN,” he said, adding that, “Events in the last few months in our nation have been so troubling and sad that we have decided to speak to the authority.”

Stating further, Ore who oversees all Pentecostal pastor members in the Lagos chapter said Nigerians were full of hope while they voted for President Muhammadu Buhari who some pastors in the fold of the PFN even went all out to support, putting their integrity at stake.

“We have heard conflicting figures and direction of the economy from those who represent Mr. President thereby leaving us more confused. Our ministerial calling brings us in touch daily with the ordinary citizens of this potentially great nation and we will like our President to know that the people are crying and in pain daily,” he explained.

On the state of the economy, the cleric pointed that, “The naira has continued to lose value leaving many goods and services out of the reach of the average Nigerian. Many now have to beg to eat while many businesses have simply closed down due to higher rate of the exchange rate. Yet we have been inundated with promises and snippets of hope.”

“Our dear President, please know that “hope deferred makes the heart sick: but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” according to that divine wisdom in Proverbs 13:12,” he quoted.

Commenting on the anti-corruption drive of Mr. President, the PFN Chairman submitted that corruption is the bane of the nation, welcoming any meaningful and legal approach to fight the monster now hydra- headed.

According to the cleric, “The fight against corruption as it now seems, it is to many a selective fight and we hereby call upon President Buhari to make the anti-corruption war objective and fair to all.”

He also counseled that, “All allegations of corruption leveled against some serving officials of this government must not be swept under the carpet; certainly not only the members of the opposition are corrupt in Nigeria.”


He however observed that, “Many of the notable politicians in the country who found themselves in the ruling party who had cases of corruption on their necks have surprisingly been decorated with the garment of righteousness,” urging the President to be fair to all in his war against graft.

The cleric who commended the efforts of the Federal Government’s efforts against insurgency, also condemned the Southern Kaduna killings.

“We commend the efforts against insurgency, however, there are obvious signs that a worse than Boko Haram is here with us in the name of Fulani herdsmen. We are left with no alternative than to conclude that there is something in the offing that is not clear to many Nigerians,” he said.

Worried about the Southern Kaduna crisses, Ore did not fail to express his concerns. “What is happening in Southern Kaduna presently is worrisome to say the least. It is sad that the President kept quiet on the killings for so long only for us to be told that he needed not to comment on all issues. Pray! What is that thing that is more important than human lives?” he asked.

He is also not happy that none of the perpetrators of the criminal activities have been brought to book. “Who has been prosecuted for the killings of innocent lives in Kaduna if I may ask? Who has been sent to jail? As a matter of fact which of the Boko Haram insurgents have been prosecuted? Is this government saying it does not know the master minds of these dastardly acts?” He queried.
Ore who is in no way sentimental about the fear of any possible islamisation of Nigeria said such thought is not possible. “We are not overly sentimental about the fear of islamisation because we believe it is not possible to islamise Nigeria,” he said.

Buttressing his point with the fact that, “This nation is a covenant Nation and has been positioned by God to bring revival to nations of the world. At the same time we will not watch and allow the continuous decimation of the Christian population.”

Lamenting further, Ore said, “Nigerian Christians have suffered too much. We have been killed. We have been brutalized. We have been denied our basic rights.”

“Many of our churches in the north have had to close down due to the insurgency but even before the security challenges many northern states deny our people right to land ownership when it comes to building churches.”

He however enjoined the Buhari-led administration to alleviate the pains of the people with sharp policies that can lead Nigeria out of the woods. He also wants the government to douse the tension in the land as far as extra judicial killings of innocent Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen be curtailed and brought to book.

“We believe Nigeria is a multi-religious state and people should be allowed to worship God the way they want. The continuous repression of a particular faith will not augur well for us as a nation,” he noted.

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