Topic: Healing Our Internal Mad Man (3) — Dr. Daniel Olukoya 

September 17th, 2023


Text: Ecclesiastes 9:3, Deuteronomy 28:34, Ecclesiastes 7:7, Jeremiah 51:7
Minister: Dr. Daniel Olukoya (G.O. MFM Worldwide)

Ecclesiastes 9:3 (KJV): “This is an evil among all things that are done under the sun, that there is one event unto all: yea, also the heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness is in their heart while they live, and after that they go to the dead.”

We read the above scripture, and I started to explain in the last two weeks that we might have our own definition of things, but it is the Bible that has correct definitions of things. The Bible makes us understand that there is something known as spiritual insanity, and the Bible identifies and defines twenty groups of mad people. And we began to look at them one by one.

1. The first group of mad people, as far as the Bible is concerned, are those fighting their Moses and their helpers. Somebody is sent by God to help you, and you are fighting the person? It is insanity. A lot of people are suffering today because the Moses that should have delivered them kicked out and fought them, criticised them, and judged them, not knowing that that was their Moses.

I also began to tell you about Joseph in the house of Potiphar. He was there, and Potiphar began to prosper. But Potiphar did not know that the presence of Joseph was the source of his prosperity, so he pushed him out.

===> I am praying for somebody here: any power that wants you to fight your divine helper, shall be buried alive in the name of Jesus!
===> Any power that wants to disgrace God in your life shall be disgraced! In the name of Jesus.
===> The Almighty will arise for your sake, and those that want you to go down shall go down! Those who do not want you to rise shall be pulled down in the name of Jesus!
===> Those who want you dead shall replace you in the grave! in the name of Jesus. (a sevenfold amen).

2. The second group of madness is the crookedness of the heart of man.
3. The third group that was identified is the prodigal nature of the sons of men.
4. The fourth group of mad people are those who are resistant to blunt truth.
5. The fifth group is the group that is intentionally deaf to what will benefit them.
6. The sixth group is those who are eating their benefits and killing their seeds.
7. The seventh group is the group that suffers from invasion by the enemy because they open the doors to the enemy.
8. And the eighth one, which we discussed last week, is self-exhortation to where God did not put you. You are living above your spiritual experience. You are claiming to be hearing from God when you have heard nothing. You are claiming to be spiritual when you are not.
9. The ninth group are those who are mad because they are undergoing suffering energised by God’s punishment.

Deuteronomy 28:34 (KJV) says: “So that thou shalt be mad for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see.”

They have gone and offended the Almighty. He has now initiated punishment that makes them seem mad. That is, they completely lose their sense of reasoning because of the magnitude of the problems they are undergoing. So it is better not to cure the punishment of God.

10. Group 10 are those made mad by oppression (Ecclesiastes 7:7). Oppression has been so great as to make them senseless.
Ecclesiastes 7:7a (KJV): “Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad;”

===> May you not be oppressed with senseless! In the name of Jesus.

Here are both of us standing at the pulpit. We hope we have not offended anybody. But if you carry this pulpit and put it on our heads and still give us a microphone to talk, we may be talking, but because of the load on our heads, the talking may not be like before. The oppression on a person will make the person lose composure.

Oppression makes a wise man mad. One of the largest schools in the university of bondage is the school of oppression. There are so many millions of people under satanic oppression every day.

The enemy is not staying in their lives. The enemy is not tying them somewhere; he just comes to oppress them. He presses them down. He punishes them. Goes away and comes back again to oppress them.

The person is not possessed, but because of constant attacks and oppression, he is troubled, and it is indeed a problem.

We spoke to a woman. Every night in the dream, somebody would come to her and say, “Madam, open your mouth,” and when she opened it, the person would pee inside her mouth. She would make up, feeling the taste of the urine in her mouth, and anywhere she went that day, she would hear “Madam, you are smelling”.

The day she did not have that dream, nobody would say, “Madam, you are smelling” to her. So really, oppression can make a wise man mad. This is why I really want you to pray this prayer in holy aggression as you raise up your right hand to the heavenlies. Shout this louder than anyone around you. The louder, the better.

===> Arrows of oppression, I am not your candidate, backfire! In the name of Jesus.

11. Those who engage in sin. The Bible calls them mad. (Jeremiah 51:7).
Jeremiah 51:7 (KJV) says: “Babylon hath been a golden cup in the LORD’s hand that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad.”

SIN is Success In Nothing. Anyone living in any known sin is actively waging war against God. The Bible says “One sinner destroyeth much good”. The Bible also says that “at the time of ignorance, God winked at, but now He commandeth everyone to repent now.”


To wink is to close your eye momentarily and open it again. He winks at the time you do not know, but if you are actively doing it, you call for divine judgment. The Bible says that the servant who does not know the will of the Master and commits sin shall be disciplined with few stripes, but the servant who knows the will of the Master and does not do it shall receive severe punishment with plenty of stripes.

The children of Israel in Numbers 21 committed sin. They were grumbling against God and complaining against Moses. So God sent fiery serpents among them. The fiery serpents began to bite, and once they bit people, they died. So what brought in those serpents? Sin.

Eventually, they came to their senses, their heads became correct, and they ran to Moses and said, “We have sinned. Help us beg God to take these serpents away”.

God did not take the serpents away. All God did was ask Moses to make a brass serpent and put it on a pole. Anybody bitten by the pole should just go to the brass serpent and stare at it, and then he will be made whole.

Many of us do not know the problem with that. The serpents were still biting people, yet at one part of the camp, there was a brass serpent on a pole. Meaning that if somebody was asleep and the serpents bit him, he would need to wake up, run to the pole, and stare at it in order to get well. If somebody was at a party and the serpents bit him or her, he would need to leave immediately to run to that pole.

Meaning that in that camp, everyone would be like mad people, running helter-skelter. If it was an old man or woman who could not walk and got bitten by serpents, the family members had to carry such a person to the brass pole so that they could look at it and live.

If a baby was bitten by the serpents, the baby had to be carried to that place with speed, and his eyes had to be opened by force to stare at it. So because of their sin, they were running helter-skelter. The serpents were not removed. God just put a solution at the front. But He did not remove the consequences of their sin.

Try to understand that sin is very bad. The Lord left the serpents with them there until their mouths became civilised by force. Unfortunately for human beings, sometimes trouble teaches us a quicker lesson than many sermons can teach us.

Every sin that is available has a punishment attached to it from heaven. There is always a consequence. There is a difference between the consequences of sin and the forgiveness of sin. You can sin; heaven may forgive you and remove the sin from your record, and on judgement day, the sin will not stand against you, but that does not remove the consequences.

If you have gone to sleep with a man or woman with HIV/AIDS and, as a consequence, you now have it, heaven will forgive you for your fornication, but the consequences will be there. This is why sin is dangerous. There is always a consequence.

David took another man’s wife and killed the man. The prophet came to him and said, “What is this that you have done? You are in trouble.” David cried and said “I am guilty”. God said, “I have forgiven you. However, because of this thing that you have done, the sword will never depart from your house. Your children shall sleep with your own wives.” He issued four curses on David. So it is a case of forgiven but cursed. That is why sin is dangerous. Nobody should toy with it. It is madness to be playing with it.

12. Demonic attacks. You read in 1 Samuel 16 that an evil spirit troubled Saul and made him like a madman. There are others like that, which we may not have time to seriously deal with.
13. Any personal antagonism, like fighting yourself, is madness. You are the one who prophesied that God said you should not do this or that, and you are doing it; it is madness.
14. If you are playing with God’s call upon your life like what Jonah did, where he almost destroyed everybody on the ship, it is insanity. God gave you an assignment, and you are trying to run away. Where will you run to? Your parents have dedicated you to God, and now you have abandoned the God you were dedicated to to do something else in the world. It is madness because you cannot find it easy.
15. Those who engage in clear disobedience to God. God said, “Thou shalt not….” but you are doing it. It is madness.
16. Those who are twisting God’s commandments or modifying them to suit their purpose. They take the Bible and begin to twist and twist. They begin to bring out interpretations that the Bible did not talk about in order to support the wickedness they are doing.
17. Those ascribing God’s glory to themselves or to idols. That was what Herod did. And God had to deal with him.
18. Those with uncontrollable anger. It is madness and insanity. When some get really angry, they will kill people. Then, when the anger calms down, they will wonder what they have done. But the destruction has already been done.

That is why it is very important for anybody who has the spirit of anger to get delivered from it.
19. Those who are very foolish. They engage in what does not make sense. They even say God does not exist. The Bible says, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.”
20. Those making themselves equal to God, like Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible.

These are the twenty categories of madness defined in the scriptures. If there is anybody in any of these categories, the person is diagnosed with spiritual insanity, and the person needs to repent.

The bottom line of what we are saying is this: there are many mad people that are decently dressed, going about in the streets. There are so many mad people too that the oppression of our generation has converted them to slaves to drugs. Some are addicted to drugs, whether valium, lexotherm, codeine, or chloroquine. And some have gotten to that level where they cannot even do without those drugs.

Right now, there is an epidemic of juvenile madness (lots of young people going insane). A lot of them are being brought from foreign countries for insanity purposes. We must start praying as believers, and there is something we need to understand very well.

One of the hard facts of Christianity and Christian life is the discovery that sooner or later, receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour does not instantly lead to wholeness and deliverance. No, it is a stepping stone to greater things in our lives. We must now begin to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

It is now becoming so serious that education has failed. It has only produced clever devils. Character disorder is a major problem. Family life is practically dead. Abortion has climbed to the highest level. The music world has been taken over by demons. Children still die of hunger while some nations are throwing away food, and it is so difficult to find the truth these days. It is becoming a terrible, mad world, and women and children are at the receiving end these days. Plenty of lives are full of strain and stress.

So it means that there are many more mad people than normal people in our world. But the worst insanity cases are those declared by scripture.

1. Wickedness of the wicked, assigned against my life, expire! In the name of Jesus.
2. Powers raging against my destiny, you are liars, die! In the name of Jesus.
3. Drinkers of blood, eaters of flesh, I am not your candidate; destroy yourselves! In the name of Jesus.
4. Wherever my joy is tied down, Holy Ghost, release them! In the name of Jesus.
5. My glory, get out of the room of battle! In the name of Jesus.
6. Battles assigned to make my enemies rejoice over me, die! In the name of Jesus.
7. Every rage of the enemy, backfire! In the name of Jesus.
8. Blood of Jesus, answer them that are summoning me for evil, in the name of Jesus.
9. Power holding wicked meetings against me; destroy yourselves! In the name of Jesus.
10. Organisation of the wicked, shouting my name, die! In the name of Jesus.
11. Satanic notice board, in my father’s house, catch fire! in the name of Jesus.
12. Environmental witchcraft, you are a liar; die! In the name of Jesus.
13. Every embargo on my (mention what you want), break! In the name of Jesus.

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