Global Conversations On Reducing Hunger, Diseases Must Reflect Our Situations, Osinbajo Tells UN Summit

As the global community mobilizes resources towards addressing hunger and reducing diseases, the conversations in Nigeria and other developing countries must be all-inclusive and reflective of the situations that concern us so that meaningful progress can be made towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals. According to the Vice President, “I think that some of these […]


Nigeria’s Economic Recession: Reasons, Implications, Solutions

Sometimes to a lay man, a recession means nothing more than shortage of food on the table and shortage of money in the pocket but explaining a recession goes beyond these. Dr. Kemdi Chino Opara a Financial/Marketing Analyst, resident in the United States recently spoke with our correspondent on the meaning, causes, implications and way […]

The Making Of CSR Masterstroke: An X-Ray Of FirstBank’s Yeoman Effort To Move One Million Children To E-learning

The rabbit hole of uncertainty, confusion and fear that pupils and their parents fell into in the dying days of March when the country was in lockdown was best captured in a Saturday Sun feature of May 16, titled, “COVID-19: Troubles of e-Learning.”