FMDQ Exchange Admits Coronation Merchant Bank Limited’s Commercial Papers

FMDQ Securities Exchange Limited (FMDQ Exchange), in providing the choice platform for the registration, listing, quotation, trading and recording of financial securities, approved the quotation of the Coronation Merchant Bank Limited ₦0.71 billion Series 13 and ₦14.13 billion Series 14 Commercial Papers (CPs) in March 2021, and the ₦1.41 billion Series 15 and ₦20.19 billion Series 16 CPs in May 2021, both under its ₦100.00 billion CP Programme, on its platform.

Coronation Merchant Bank Reveals Corporate Identity

Coronation Merchant Bank Limited (‘Coronation MB’); an emerging merchant banking franchise with industry-leading financial stability indicators has today unveiled its new corporate identity. Far more than just a logo, the new corporate identity has been designed to communicate Coronation MB’s vision (to be Africa’s premier investment bank), ambition and inner strength. The lion, a core […]