Passengers To Get Refund As Aero Aircraft Fails To Fly After 2 Hours

An Aero Contractor aircraft to fly Lagos-Abuja-Sokoto route 9am on Tuesday has experienced a serious delay.

The delay may not have been dissociated from a technical issue the airline is still trying to fix by noon.

Meanwhile, passengers were agitated as many of them were going either for business operations or to resume work after the Easter holidays.

Two hours after the plane was supposed to have taken off, an aircraft was brought for the passengers to embark on the journey. Later, it was found that the aircraft could not fly and passengers were asked to disembark.

By noon, the management again announced that an engineer has been consulted to work on the engine.

Later the airline again announced the repair may last between 30 minutes and one hour, advising passengers who may not be able to wait to go for a refund.


Passengers on ground told National Wire the difficulties this delay would cause their operations. “We did not bargain for this delay and that was why we made sure we got to the airport as early as 7:30am only to find that the airline was not ready for us,” a passenger that wished to be anonymous said.

However, the news had already filtered to the social media and Nigerians around Africa are worried that the airspace in the country is still backward.

A Nigerian commenting from Tanzania said, “If passengers are wise, they should threaten to sue them. If I were the one, they would lodge me in a hotel if I was in another state. Unfortunately they have held hidden our rights from us in Nigeria.”

Another commentator, who simply identified himself as Adeniran commented via the social media that, “The aircraft should be grounded until comprehensive checks are done. It is in the interest of the passengers not to board this particular aircraft for the journey.”

A broadcaster from a Lagos-based radio station however thanked God the flight did not take off. “Thank God it ended that way, instead of the worse case scenario!”

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