Ondo Community Laments Poor State Of Public Primary School

By Emmanuel Adeniran

Investigations have revealed that facilities in some primary schools in some Ondo State communities are currently below standard, whereby making learning condition for the pupils very difficult.


A visit to the L. A. Primary School located in the remote Awule community in Akure South Local Government Area of the state is an indication that all is not presently well with the quality of education being offered by many public primary schools in the South Western state.

An on-the-spot assessment recently conducted round the school revealed that, the current state of infrastructure in the school is terrible. According to some of the staffers on ground, most of the walls of the buildings have cracks on them and are in the verge of giving way. Likewise, the roofing sheets, asbestos, furniture in the school buildings are no more in place.

Pupils of the school now sit on bare floor during classes which condition is dehumanising on the psyche of the pupils whose counterparts in public schools study under better conditions.

No good roads. The environment of the school is very bad. There are many people who have lands but they are not encouraged to build around there because of the bad roads as well as the lack of electricity in the area. Some of them have relocated and sold out their lands. No pipe borne water in the environment also.

Speaking with some members of the host community, it was revealed that the school urgently needs revival.


The school, established in 1955 is presently in a deplorable situation. A member of the community lamented that the School has received no attention from the State Government since it’s condition worsened some years back.

“When I looked around the school and I compared it with others in Akure, it is evident that the school is in a very bad state. If I see another name that I can call it, I will. No building. In fact, during the last second term of the current academic session, snakes were killed in many classes on three different occasions,” she revealed.


Another member of the community recounted that, “Many times rain has disturbed class activities in the school as a result of leaking ceilings and roofs of the dilapidated structures. As a result of such, the pupils will have to be moved from one class to another to take a shield.”

Community members went further to complain about the lack of chairs and lockers for the pupils as well as tables and office chairs for the staffers.

One of the teachers stated that she worked hard when she was posted to the school and the school’s enrollment was more than 100 pupils until recently that the school’s structure started deteriorating without any attention from the state government.

Today, the pupils’ enrollment has been drastically reduced to fewer than 30 pupils because many parents withdrew their children from the school due to decaying infrastructure.

The Community people appealed and called on the Ondo State Government to come to the rescue of the only public primary school located in Awule community.

They want new structures and furniture in the school so that the pupils could learn in a conducive environment.

Also, some of the parents of the school who preferred to be anonymous said they are tired of working in such a school environment. They pointed out that on many occasions, they are the ones who buy chalks they used to teach in the school from their personal purses.

They also called on the Ondo State Government to consider the plight of the school by giving adequate attention to the future and interest of the pupils as it concerns teaching and learning in such an unpalatable environment.

Continuing, they said, the Government of Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu should build for them more befitting classes, equipped with modern day furniture, and ICT facilities that will help restore the old glory of the school to increase the school enrollment.

*Emmanuel Adeniran, a journalist writes from Ondo State.

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