Nigerians mourn Michael Ibru


Nigerians at home and in the diaspora have continued to mourn the passage of business mogul, Chief Michael Christopher Onajirhevbe Ibru.

According to family source, Ibru, the patriarch of the Ibru family died in an American hospital early hours of Tuesday, five weeks after Felix, his brother, was buried.

According to a record, Ibru in 1956 as a young man of 26 left U.A.C to start a partnership with an expatriate, Jimmy Large, which he called Laibru which became a successful business empire.

Born in 1930, Ibru however joined politics and contested governorship election in the old Bendel State in 1983 which he however lost to Samuel Ogbemudia.

Ibru however started his fish business that later became a money spinner for the Ibrus and a household name from the mid-1960s. His business also diversified into a conglomerate involving transportation, media, construction, hospitality, real estate, etc.


Olorogun Michael Ibru was an international businessman, philanthropist, educator, a lover of children, community leader who devoted his life and time for the development of people.


*Story by Dayo Emmanuel

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel