LaFiya Telehealth And Tyto Care Partnership To Advance Telemedicine In Nigeria.

LaFiya Telehealth and TytoCare have partnered to accelerate the depth of clinical care given through telemedicine in Nigeria.

According to a release made available to us,the partnership brings an integration of their services to enable remote examinations with live streaming, information from TytoCare Home kits and consequently allow for a more precise and detailed prognosis and early diagnosis.

Apparently,this level of care is beyond what is offered through video consultations, and improves access and the quality of healthcare provided.


As it specified Patients and consumers will have access to digital prescriptions, drug delivery services, medical examinations and access to over 600 board certified medical doctors and specialists from Nigeria and abroad.

The telemedicine services will be available 24/7 and they will include prescription and referral services as needed and as provided by LaFiya Telehealth. Tyto Care will enable patie

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba