Kurmin Mashi Community Mourns Islamic Cleric, Alhaji Mustapha

In a heartbreaking and tumultuous journey that spaned across Kurmin Mashi and entire Kaduna State, the announcement of Alhaji Mustapha’s death rocked the community, as it was gathered that some hoodlums who are looking for his son Musiliu Mustapha were responsible for his death, Alhaji Mustapha did not survive the brutality.

Musiliu, born into the Mustapha family, had a humble beginning in the northern region of Kaduna State. His father, Alhaji Mustapha, a prosperous farmer, placed a strong emphasis on trade skills over formal education. Musiliu was sent to Minna, Niger State, to learn the art of electrical and mechanical auto repair under the guidance of a family friend and prominent politician, Alhaji Bwari.

Under Alhaji Bwari’s mentorship, Musiliu not only honed his technical skills but also formed a deep and unexpected bond with his mentor through his son, Biliamin’s support.

Biliamin’s support extended beyond the workshop, as he provided Musiliu with a new apartment and business opportunities. The two shared a unique connection, one that eventually crossed into a realm Musiliu had never explored before.

It was gathered that Biliamin expressed his feelings for Musiliu, and their relationship took a profound turn with Biliamin promising unwavering support for Musiliu’s business and true to his word, he provided Musiliu with the necessary equipment, tools, and a strategic workshop location. Within a mere six months, Musiliu’s financial success skyrocketed, and he returned to Kaduna to visit his family with his first car.

Upon his return, Musiliu’s mother encouraged him to marry and start a family. He reluctantly agreed, secretly engaging with two women while maintaining his relationship with Biliamin. As his responsibilities grew, so did the complexity of his double life, as he became a father and had to built a house in Minna.

Eventually, he confessed his involvement with the two women to Biliamin, who surprisingly accepted it as long as Musiliu promised not to hurt him. They continued their secretive relationship while Musiliu moved in with his family.

As Musiliu’s wealth expanded, he acquired properties in Kaduna. His growing family demanded more of his attention, causing strain in his relationship with Biliamin. Musiliu sought a breakup, which led to a hostile confrontation.


Following this, he experienced a series of misfortunes, including mob attacks and threats. Suspicions fell on Biliamin, but his powerful connections shielded him from any legal consequences.

In a desperate attempt to escape danger, Musiliu sought refuge in Lagos. However, his life took a darker turn when he learned of a plot to end his life, orchestrated by Biliamin’s family. Fearing for his safety, he fled to Benin Republic and later managed to secure a visa to Canada with the help of a customer.

Musiliu’s move to Canada was intended to bring him safety and solace, but the news of his journey out of Nigeria inadvertently leaked, leading to a horrific attack on his father, Alhaji Mustapha.

Alhaji Mustapha was brutally beaten which eventually led to his death on October 2, 2023, leaving Musiliu with the heavy burden of grief and guilt.

He has since been buried according to Islamic rites.

Story by Folake Sokoya

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel