Kogi’ll hold NCDC responsible if anything happens to tested citizen – Fanwo, Information Commissioner

Kogi State Commissioner for Information, Mr. Kingsley Fanwo has said that the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) would be held responsible if anything negative happens to the Kogi State citizen it tested positive to the Covid-19 disease.

Fanwo who featured on the Africa Independent Television (AIT) Friday night said the state is standing on its statement that it is a beautiful fraud by NCDC claiming it has recorded two cases in the state.

“We stand by that statement that it is a beautiful fraud when you go against your own set protocols. Then it means you are violating your own rules,” Fanwo said.

The Commissioner added that, “If you test a patient at a particular location, you record that case for that location and as far as we are concerned, those people did not even have the infection.”

According to Fanwo, the state government had earlier spent hundreds of million of Naira to acquire testing equipment which could have been used to conduct the testing but the NCDC decided to take the patient to Abuja where it tested the patient.

The Commissioner who narrated that the said patient, an elderly man had visited a hospital to treat injuries sustained after a swarm of bees attacked him and was moved to Abuja by NCDC, said the case is not for Kogi State.

He also accused NCDC for deviating from its original duty. “While they (NCDC) were supposed to be curtailing the spread of the disease, they were interested in the fact that every state of the federation has the infection. When we realised this, we decided to acquire our own testing capacity which are the best in the world.

“We sent our team of epidemiologists to the National Hospital to have access to the person alleged to have tested positive but they denied us access to him. The other man too they said was the second case had already been interchanged; the man is no more the person, now they said its a woman.

“They disallowed our people access and it is a thing of worry to the state. Despite the fact it was not recorded in the state, those people are citizens of Kogi State and it is the responsibility of the government of Kogi State to defend the healthcare and wellbeing of the citizens,” Fanwo argued.

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel