Kingg Oogbodo Drops ‘Bitter’

Sensational music artist, Kingg Oogbodo, has officially dropped the smash hit, Bitter, which is an extremely unique number because it’s the first song of its kind anywhere in the world.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact it has a unison rhyme, something no one has ever done before so Oogbodo holds the undisputable record of being its pioneer, and capitalizing on being the creator of the brand new genre, he has also recorded another such unison rhyme song, Fido, with yet another, Intelligent, in the works.

Bitter is also one of the songs that will be on his sophomore album, So So.

Other cuts that will be on it include Fido, Ife Ikeja, Pankere, Gbese, Iku, Inu N Bi Mi, Like Buhari.

As its title already insinuates, Bitter sees Oogbodo expressing his anger at betrayal, jealousy, oppression and suppression in particular.

To avail yourself of the Bitter unique experience, get it through any of the links below.



Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel