Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention Harps On True Love

The much-anticipated series of “Love Never Fails” 2019 Regional Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses continued during the past two weekends at Badagry and Lekki, Lagos State and Ota and Daluwon, Ogun State.

The program featured a Dramatic Bible reading, the sixth in a series of talks, interviews, video dramas, demonstrations and musicals that make up the three-day program.

The audio drama, based on Genesis 37:1-36;39:1-47:12, was presented by Kenneth Cook JR, a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, highlighting the story of the Biblical character Joseph, who was unjustly treated by his brothers.

Joseph was also presumed dead by his father, sold as a slave to Potiphar, accused of attempted rape by his master’s wife, and forgotten by his former prison inmate but he remained positive till he eventually became the second most-powerful ruler in Egypt.

Mr. Cook concluded that while Christians may not be able to control the situations they face, they can control their reactions and attitudes.

The drama was followed by a discourse by Mr. Akinwunmi Akinyera, titled:“Jehovah Loves Those Who Love His Son.”

Akinyera reminded the delegates that showing love for Jesus can be done in three basic ways:  preaching and teaching people about Jehovah and Jesus, doing God’s will and conforming to his standards and loving their Christian brothers despite differences in race, colour, status and language

In Lekki, the first of nine convention weeks began on Friday, September 20.

In a series of talk entitled Love Never Fails Despite –Loveless Upbringing, the speaker Mr. Emmanuel Ikhide said “Millions of people are raised in a loveless family with fighting, verbal abuse and sometimes sexual abuse by those who should love and protect them. Such upbringing has marred many lives and make displaying love difficult.”

He referred to the Biblical character of Hezekiah whose father was Ahaz. — (2 Kings 16:2-4) He explained that Ahaz was wicked and even sacrificed his own children to false gods. Yet, Hezekiah grew up to be a loving, caring king in Israel.

In a world where over 14 million people face mockeries, insult and abuses at work, the ninth talk featured the theme: “Love Never Fails Despite Difficult Work Environment.”


The speaker, Mr. Josiah Ojetade portrayed the Biblical Jacob as enduring with love what many cannot bear in today’s work environment. — (Gen 31:38-41).

Jacob’s wages were reduced 10 times, he was compelled to make compensation for any missing sheep and worked under intense heat and cold, yet he lovingly dealt with his employer and lovingly married the same man’s daughters.

A large attendance of nearly 2,000 listened enthusiastically to Mr. Onoriede Saluta, when he made a powerful statement, “Poverty is NEVER a sign of God’s displeasure.”

In a world where many churches preach prosperity, depicting it as evidence of God’s blessing and favour, he explained that there are many faithful servants of God in the Bible who were poor but highly favoured by God, like Ruth and Naomi.

The last talk of the series was entitled Love Never Fails Despite Chronic Health Problems, where Mr. Olayiwole Gbabe uses example of the Apostle Paul to show how love never fails despite ill health.

Over eight million Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide are active in 240 lands, meeting in Kingdom Halls for their weekly Bible Studies. Their Website,, is the world’s most translated website, accessible in 975 languages.

Their meetings and conventions are open to the public, and unlike other religious organizations, no collections are taken or imposed on attendees.

This year, the Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses will be held on six continents, over 200 countries and over 400 languages. Over 50 of such conventions will be held in Lagos and Ogun states, presented in English, Gun, Pidgin, Yoruba Igbo and French.

More information about the conventions may be found on and the conventions continue during the next 13 weekends in Daluwon, Lekki, Ota and Badagry.


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