Insights from six Christian books

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Insights from six Christian books were the major discussion points at the June fellowship of Journalists for Christ (JFC) held on June 17, 2017 in Lagos.

Members who read the books shared major lessons by the authors during the programme held at the International Press Centre.

Over 70 titles were recently donated to the JFC by a United Kingdom based friend of the organization Mr. Sunday Orungbemila.

Seun Sanni, a photojournalist and teacher reviewed “The Power of Powerlessness.” by Robin Lake.

Noting that the book was based on 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 Sanni said “we all have different struggles that can cause us to feel low, helpless and defeated.”

“The loss of loved ones, stress, addiction or relationship struggles make us feel powerless at times, ” the author stated.

The author according to Sanni speaks to these times of despair and encouraged readers to look to Jesus and to discover the power we can have in him.

Lake  a Police officer and minister of the gospel used real life stories from his time as a police officer to show clearly that we are never so lost or so far away from God that He can’t save us. “ Only when we truly realize this can we learn to rely fully on him,” the author stated.

The second book “One touch from the king,” was reviewed by Mrs. Ronke Otufodunrin, an Assistant Director of Education with the Lagos State Ministry of Education.

Noting that one of the major emphasis of the book was on compassion,  Otufodunrin said “When Jesus touched the coffin containing the remains of the widow’s son, he was grieved with compassion. According to the Jewish customs, it is forbidden to touch a dead body. It was something he shouldn’t have done traditionally but for compassion.

“Jesus looked away from tradition and touched that coffin because of compassion and the dead boy came back to life.”

She urged members to emulate Jesus by being compassionate to be able to do the work of God like Jesus did.

According to Pastor David Odunayo, Randy Arcorn, author of the third book ‘Managing God’s Money’ provided great insights on managing whatever money God allows us to have.

“The author says everything belongs to God and everything is under our management. You are going to account for every money God gives you.”

Odunayo, publisher of Yoruba Express, a monthly magazine added that “according to the book, if you really want to know somebody, look for his attitude to money.” He also pointed that the saying that money is bad is not true.

According to him, materialism should be discouraged in Christian homes. He also pointed out from the book the danger of making the children have whatever they want even when it is not good for them.

“Children with the mentality of having everything they can lay their hands upon are prone to danger of becoming covetous adults,” he explained. “The author says most children in America are afflicted with this issue. Parents often think they should give their children everything they didn’t enjoy as children, this lifestyle endangers the children in future.”


Resisting Temptation in an Immoral Society by Colin N. Peckham was the fourth book reviewed by Evelyn Osagie who read from Exodus 20:14 and Leviticus 20:10.

“Adultery is a situation whereby sexual relationship happens between a married man and a married woman outside wedlock. Unfortunately it has become acceptable norm in some church setting,” she read from the book.

Osagie who writes for The Nation Newspaper read further from the book, “The standard of the world has invaded the church. We say God understands but His demands for moral purity has not changed. His standard has not changed.”

“Nothing so destroys foundation of marriage than immorality. It destroys trust, destroys people, reduces trust, destroys people and reduces them to object of no trust. We live in a selfish world and lust can easily destroy us,” she noted.

Adeyanju Uwala reviewed the fifth book titled “If God is Good,”  also written by Randy Arcorn. A major question in the book which is also constant in arguments about God is, “Why would an all perfect God create evil?”

Uwala noted that the inspiring book  proffered answers to many questions about the goodness of God. The Christian non-fiction book and New York Bestseller is highly recommended for all who desire to know about the deep love of God for mankind.

President of Journalists For Christ, Mr. Lekan Otufodunrin reviewed the sixth book  “The Many Faces of Deception,” written by Florence Bulle.

“The greatest threat to a child of God does not come from the occult, it comes from the church,” Otufodunrin read.

“The deception of the prosperity message is toxic and getting everything we want doesn’t make us soldiers of Christ,” the author stated.

Otufodunrin, Online Editor at The Nation newspaper enjoined journalists to take advantage of the books in the JFC collection to grow both spiritually and career wise, noting that “we live in a world where things happen at great speed and if we are not careful, we would easily leave out those things that are very important.”

Journalists For Christ is the organisation for Christian journalists and allied professionals whose membership is opened to working and student journalists. Churches, church leaders, faith based organisations, Christian communicators and para-ministry organisations are also eligible as members.

Next fellowship of the organisation holds 15th July at same venue by 11am.

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