‘I’m A Woman Of Purpose, I Stand For Integrity’

Just like the Biblical Deborah who served as a Judge in Israel, Evangelist Deborah Modupe Itopa is a courageous woman prepared to take on the mantle of leadership. Born and bred in Plateau State, she is contesting for a Senatorial seat at the Federal Capital Territory on the platform of Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP). With a track record of humanitarian services to the less privileged in the society, she is hopeful of a good outing at the polls. DAYO EMMANUEL engaged her on her plans for her Senatorial District when she assumes office. Excerpts:

How long have you been in politics?

I have been in politics since 2004. It was when I was invited by Chief Mrs. Julie Adecole, the PLO to the then Senate President under PDP!

What is your party’s major manifesto?

My Party’s major manifesto is LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION! Because we are politicians in LEADERSHIP who bring to Pass the Desired Duty which is Focusing on the REVOLUTIONARY ACT in Action! For Justice Must Prevail in NIGERIA by God’s Grace!

What is your main political agenda?

By God’s Grace, my main agenda when I get there is to Purposefully Establish the Driven Values in me that I have been carrying all along with me, such as:













-TRANSPORTATION (which includes the Taxi drivers and the Keke Napep,-the public transport drivers)

Having in mind you are contesting in a part of the country where female participation  in the democratic process is still very low, how do you intend to cope with possible male chauvinism?

This is very SIMPLE. Because in my own discovery, I discovered that Efficiency minus Ethic is equal to Emptiness! For I know what am made of, and what God is about to use for in life of the MASSES! As a Valued Driven leader in the Leadership Revolution, I am a Woman of Purpose who walks and work in integrity, and gains not only the respect of others, but also an audience with GOD in ACTION!

By His Grace, I believe that I have these Attributes

-Possess Integrity

-Does what is right.

-Is honest and trust worthy.

-Does not Gossip

-Does not listen to Gossip

-Does no harm to others.

-Speaks out against wrong.

-Honors others who walk in truth.

-Keeps my word for the truth.

-Isn’t greedy to gain at expense of others.

-Takes no bribe against anyone.

-A generous giver who loves Justice!

*Note that, the Masses are really crying out of hunger, and they all know that only a MOTHER OF PURPOSE will come to their aim! Because, a MOTHERHOOD for the Nation, by the Nation, and to the Nation is a WOMAN who is SPICY or SEASONING that Spiced the ingredients and make the food SWEET AND TASTY IN ALL TRUTHS!!! Therefore, by God’s grace, a Woman of Purpose is source that makes the Food Eatable!!!

Also, I would like you to know that talking about SEASONING in this term, we are said to be WOMEN of Knowledge that that has an Understanding of times who acquired it by the nature of Communications in her Exposure with discipline in season and out of season which makes her obtain a Certified Name Called MOTHERHOOD!!!

I believe that with all these, I will beat him down!

Efficacy (result) – Ethics =Emptiness!

Efficiency (power) – Ethics =Emptiness!

Your party doesn’t seem loud, does it enjoy equal media support like the big two?

Yes my dear brother! Can any good come out of Nazareth? Yes a Savior came out of there! My brother, is not how LOUD we are, but how well we are prepared to carry the NATION Forward! Forward ever on Motion of Justice, and backward never, for our MOTTO: JUSTICE, EQUITY AND TRANSFORMATION (JET)

Yes of course! We do enjoy the media support even more than the BIG TWO! Because JMPP is God’s Own Party and He all the Authority to make it known to the world, and get things done by own POWER! For it not of him that runs nor wills, but of God that shows MERCY! And by His Grace, we shall obtain Mercy in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. So shall it be in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

What is your plan for the women and children in your Senatorial Disstrict, have you been engaging them before now?

By the Special Grace of God, the Women and Children in my Constituency have no problem! For they shall be taken care of! Everyone of shall be engaged accordingly! No more pains nor waste away of Talented Women and Children!

Yes, by His Grace I have been engaged in taking care of them, and it has become part of me! Because, I see it as a call for living! These are what I do:

– Taking care of the Aged

– Taking care of the pregnant mother and at birth.

– Feeding the less privileges.

– Letting Justice Prevail in the homes.

– Counseling the world around me.

– The Single mother in abuse for justice.

-Having seminars with the Taxi drivers, Keke and motorcycles riders and the farmers!

– Having seminars with the Widows, which are the most important matter to handle for justice! 

 If you don’t win, what’s the way forward, are you still going to continue in politics and in your party or are you possibly going to change political affiliation?

By God’s grace I shall be the FCT SENATOR IN 2019!

Well, according to your question, the way forward is to continue with the Purpose of the call of God for Humanity in my life as a Purposeful Woman!

Yes, by God’s grace I shall continue in Politics and in my Party if God permits!


Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel