H1: How Joyce Daniels Is Building Entrepreneurs With Courage And Confidence Through THE JOYCE DANIELS ORGANISATION

Joyce Daniels, a social engineering practitioner has evolved beyond a brand name to leave an indelible mark in the history of Nigeria as a mindset coach and nation builder through THE JOYCE DANIEL ORGANISATION as she unveils the organisation’s new logo whose colors and elements represent freshness, balance, making a positive impact on the lives of men and women.

Joyce Daniels, Founder,
The Joyce Daniels Organisation

The Joyce Daniels Organisation has through its programmes continued to build with its core focus areas in Training and Development, Advocacy and Empowerment birthing the Courage and Confidence webinar, the Titanium club and others.

As part of it’s July programme, the Joyce Daniels Organisation is providing 10 entrepreneurs with seed funding in the Ewu community of Esan Local Government, Edo state and holding the third session of its signature programme Courage and Confidence on the 30th of July 2021 to kickstart the activities of the third quarter of the year.

Participants of the courage and confidence webinar will expect to gain the ability to thrive beyond limitations, identify unconscious blocks that lack of Courage or Confidence has created in their lives and many more.

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Joyce Daniels is a Social Engineering Practitioner, recognised Thought Leader, Mindset Coach, Nation Builder and Event Host MC, regarded as one of the forces responsible for shaping the speaking and MC business in Nigeria.

Joyce is an advocate for Social Justice, Political and Economic Reforms. She is an associate at Women in Business, Management & Public Service (WIMBIZ), a mentor at Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR), member Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria.

Ideas and organisations are born every day by innovators, change-makers, everyday persons who long to see a change. When Joyce Daniels set out to leave an indelible mark in the history of Nigeria through a positive impact on the lives of men and women, she did not realise that she will be carving out more than an industry. She is going on to inspire an entire generation.

Joyce Daniels has evolved beyond being a brand name to unveiling the engine which has done great work in the past and is now set to do even more. The Joyce Daniels Organisation – a company of Social Engineering Practitioners has unveiled her logo and website.

The elements of the logo represent the transformation work that the organisation has done and will continue to do much more. The core focus areas of The Joyce Daniels Organisation are:

● Training and Development
● Advocacy
● Empowerment
To further their goals, The Joyce Daniels Organisation is set to carry out two activities within the month of July 2021

1. They will give seed funding to 10 entrepreneurs in the Ewu community of Esan Local Government to help drive economic activities
2. They will be holding the third session of their signature programme Courage and Confidence 0-100 on Friday, July 30th.

This is a 3-hour webinar held on Zoom to teach participants how to thrive beyond limitations. In 3 hours, participants are taken through the Courage and Confidence pyramid to help them identify unconscious blocks that lack of Courage or Confidence has created in their lives.

This sometimes leads to the inability to pursue dreams, to seek or receive love, to negotiate better terms and prices, the inability to insist on what you want, etc.

Participants of previous sessions have attested to experiencing various degrees of freedom to live the lives they desire.

By 7 pm Friday, July 30th another batch of persons passionate about living their lives to the fullest in every regard will gather to gain tools and resources that will help them finally pursue dreams they spent years nurturing or running away from, they will learn to appreciate and truly applaud the achievements of others without feeling small or crying about their “inadequacies.”

They will get the Courage and Confidence to say no or yes at the right times and circumstances.

As The Joyce Daniels Organisation continues its efforts under the leadership of its Executive Director, Joyce Daniels, they are set to raise high standards in the minds of everyday people.

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Post Author: Friday Ekeoba