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Government Negotiating With Bandits Is Failure– PFN

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has urged President Muhammadu Buhari not to consider negotiation with bandits, stressing that such negotiation equals to failure on the path of the government.

The group made the call while addressing the press after its National Meeting in Lagos on Thursday.

According the PFN President, Bishop Wale Oke who said bandits disturbing the peace of the nation should rather face the law than enjoying any negotiating with the government.

The cleric who said the security situation in the country was unbearable, however questioned why any responsible government would contemplate such, stressing that negotiating with bandits equals failure.

“Everybody should be concerned about the security situation of this nation. We want to charge the federal government to rise to its number one responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of all Nigerians. I want to charge the newly appointed security chiefs to not talk the talk but walk the talk, live up to expectation, bring your skills to bare and let’s deal with insurgency and insurgency.

“PFN is of the opinion that government should not negotiate with bandits, negotiating with bandits is admittance of governmental failure. Bandits are not to be negotiated with, they are meant to face the full wrath of the law.

“Why should a credible government be negotiating with rapists, kidnappers, murderers? It is not acceptable. I do not believe that the Nigerian government has failed yet, the government can rise up to the occasion and bring the full weight of justice to bare on the killers, rapists and bandits. These are not people to negotiate with, if anything at all the government should negotiate with the youths that are restive and not to clamp down on them. The people they should clamp down on are the bandits,” Oke stated.

On the devaluation of Naira, he called for government’s quick intervention  making known that the agricultural sector should be improved with the drastic reduction of importation especially consumables, advising also that more jobs be created with the restiveness of youths addressed.

“PFN is very concerned about the economic situation of the country, the value of the Naira has fallen drastically. Latest newspaper report says a US Dollar is about N490 which shows a battered economy. We heard from newspaper report that the government is attempting to print money, that is not right.

“The government should create jobs, work on valuing the Naira so that the Naira will be strong. The government should limit import and promote our home made products. Let us produce the food we eat. When we import and import we are economic slaves to other countries. Government should strengthen our agriculture and limit imports to the most essentials,” he advised.

Oke also wondered why national leaders including Buhari prefer travelling abroad for medical checks instead of strengthening the nation’s health sector. He also demanded the health status of Mr. President be made public.


“We are praying for our president for good health, he has been out of the country for two weeks on health matters. However, two things give us concern about our president’s sojourn, we feel that the nation is not being told all the truth, we ask that the Federal Government and Presidency that they should lay the cards on the table and tell us what is happening to our President.

“He is no longer a private person, he belongs to us so we know how to direct our prayers. Stop hiding the health status of our president, tell the whole nation and then we will know what to do,” Oke said.

Asking whether the President is safer in the hands of foreign doctors, Oke said, “Again we are concerned that whenever our President needs health check, he will go out of the country. To us, that is a major national security, risk does it mean our president is safer in the hands of foreigners than our hands?

“Supposing those people in an attempt to undermine our nation to play game with our President, what can we do? Why should our elected officers be going abroad for health care when they can inject money in our healthcare sector? Nigeria is blessed with extreme intelligent medical personnel…but we are not creating enabling environment for them. How many Nigerians can go to UK for medical trip like our president? How many Nigerians can afford to go to Dubai as many of them do?

“Government should invest in our health care system, the doctors are complaining and the government does not seem to care. Let us take our medical system to such a level where the President can check in to any hospital in Nigeria and he will be fine.

“But to see our hospitals reduced to near mortuaries and then when our leaders are sick all they do is being they are taken abroad is not acceptable. We will not have an absentee president let the Federal Government address and inject real money into our health care sector,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PFN President appealed to insurgents to quit perpetuating evil in the name of Islam. He said PFN was ready to partner with Muslims in building a better Nigeria.




Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel