FAMALL Offers Organic Products, High Financial Rewards For Distributors, Users-Onojovwo

Mrs. Ijeoma Onojovwo is a distributor and service centre personnel with Family is All company (FAMALL). The company has 4,500 organic products that taking care of several ailments also has high interest rates for its subscribers. In this interview with DAYO EMMANUEL, Onojovwo explains why Nigerians should get involved with FAMALL for their health and financial returns. Excepts:
When did you join FAMALL and what advantage has it given you?
I joined FAMALL four years ago and the advantage is plenty.
Financial freedom is one important advantage, I don’t think any more about that. Then I now use organic products at ease. I pay my boys’ school fees from the bonuses paid me. Argument has stopped in my marriage.
What is your favourite product and how has it helped you?
My favourite product is the  Alkaline bottle. It has helped me to normalise my BP.
Panty liner is another product. It stops the hormonal imbalance in me. Another favourite one is the Toothpaste; it stops bleeding after brushing my teeth. There are so many of them.
Advise other women like you who desire financial freedom.
I advise women to join this FAMALL business because my company pays eight ways which is enough for any one and it is good because organic products are the best.
If you know you are hungry for success, this business is for you. As a woman, you need your own money because it makes the love to be stronger than when a woman is a liability to the husband.
So many other businesses of this nature mostly advertise financial freedom above health benefits, can you list what health benefits readers tend to benefit by using these products?
With my FAMALL products like Ganodema, it takes care of cancer, any type of cancer. It also helps patients who are on chemotherapy not to have side effects on them. Kril Oil is power packed product which unblocks any blood blockage in the heart. Aloe Capsules take care of ulcer, I mean chronic ones at that. With my FAMALL products all these deadly diseases are far away from the users.
Can you briefly introduce yourself?
I am Mrs. Ijeoma Onojovwo. I am a distributor and also a service center person with FAMALL company where we sell beauty products, health care products, sanitary products and so many of them. It is a company with over 4,500 products and all are organic. The company is worth doing business with. Greenleaf was our former name, and it is same with FAMALL.
You mentioned you had high BP and it’s now regulated through one of the products. Can you explain what actually happened?
I was told during my first pregnancy that I had high BP that ended me doing CS for my two boys. I was introduced to FAMALL alkaline bottle in the month of March last year.
My BP that was over 200 came down to 120 over 80 till date.
If I may ask again, how do you drink the water? The flask is so small. It’s even below 50cl. Was that all you drank daily at the period that did the magic?
First of all, I did a thorough research about BP and the things one should not eat.
I found out that and I stopped eating salt, spices in my food. I use more of crayfish and prawns. Then with the alkaline cup. That is my own testimony about it. All the drugs I was given at Promise Hospital Ijoko, Ogun State are still inside my children’s wardrobe till now. I used them like five days and my BP was still high before I switched to organic way of life. Both at the office and at home, I use the flask to drink water.
As the water finishes, I put another one in the flask. The flask converts your ordinary water to alkaline water which is good for the body.
 How many litres of water do you take daily and how do you achieve that with that little flask content? Also knowing that it should take few hours for the flask to totally turn the water to alkaline water. How do you achieve much water through the day?
When I am going to bed as explained by doctor Windy, I put water in the flask, once I wake up from bed, I take it, and so on and so on.


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