Economic Recession Didn’t Stop Our Charity Operations–Pastor Abisagbo

Dayo Emmanuel

Pastor of Christian Community Church International (CCCI), Surulere, Lagos, Pastor Ayodele Abisagbo has stated that his church did not stop its humanitarian services during Nigeria’s economic recession.

Abisagbo who talked to journalists during the public presentation of his new book tilted, Living Above Economic Recession in Lagos said he got the inspiration in 2015 when the country entered into recession.

“I was writing the book in the last quarter of 2015 when Nigeria was announced to have gone into recession. Along the line we officially came out of recession,” he said.

Abisagbo continued that though Nigeria as a nation has exited recession, many homes are still in recession.

“If you look at what is happening now, looking at individual economies, we are not out of recession. At some point I wanted to stop the book but God told me to continue,” he said, adding that, 

“In the book, you’ll see the story of Abraham, how God used His principle to bring him out of personal economic recession.

“There are two economies; the country economy and  your own personal economy. So the country may have been out of recession, some personal economies are still in recession because some people are still not back to where they used to be, and that is why God allowed me to write this book.”

On how his congregation fared during the recession, Abisagbo explained that his church was able to survive the recession via divine principles.

“To the glory of God, in a time of recession especially when the economy of the country was in recession we were not in recession. We did not cut down on the things we were doing, we did not stop the charity we were doing and that was when we decided to do more of what we were doing,” he explained.

He also said that the church did not stop its charity outreaches while the recession lasted.

 “We have a program where we feed over a thousand people, we still went on to do it. We have what we call Help Day, we still went ahead because God supplied our needs. 

“One of the things we used to say in the time of the country was in recession was that when men are cast down there is a lifting up. 

“That was our confession, we kept confessing harvest in time of recession. Our theme for the year when Nigeria was in recession was it is our time of harvest, we were calling fourth harvest when the country was in recession. 

“So we were seeing harvest when others were in recession and we kept declaring it and we saw harvests and throughout that time we didn’t cut down on our projects.  

“God helped us through the recession because of the principles He showed us through His word how people can live above economic depression,” he said, enjoining the public to get copies of the book to learn divine principles needed to be liberated economically.

Post Author: Tayo Olanipekun