Female transporter descended on garage tout

Drama As Female Transporter Beats Up Garage Tout In Lagos

It was drama this morning at Ishaga bus stop in Lagos during the heavy downpour when a female tricycle operator took on garage touts commonly called agberos while police women in the area remained unconcerned.

What a man can do, a woman can do better is a popular adage and the tricycle operator simply identified as Taiwo had defied early morning downpour to win the bread for her family while other male operators perhaps were resting.

Garage tout on the ground
Garage tout on the ground

Taiwo had dropped off a passenger at the bus station and ready to accelerate when a tout stopped her, demanding N200 fee.

“Where is your ticket money?” He demanded. “Which ticket money?” “It’s Sunday morning, it is not right for you to demand any amount from me, beside I didn’t pick any passenger at the bus stop,” she replied, querying further that, “Do you mean my passenger can’t stop without I paying you? The duo were in the argument and immediately Taiwo received a slap!

During the fracas
During the fracas

Women in male dominated terrain like commercial transportation already knew they are sheep in the midst of ravenous wolves sometimes but Taiwo proved her worth as a woman who know her rights and able to defend such.

Like a wounded lioness, she jacked the garage tout and pumped un-replied blows into his face.

Taiwo refusing to let go

The tout who refused to mention his name also refused to be so rubbished by a ‘mere’ woman according to him. Though despite his several attempt to fight back, he suffered more frustration from a superior fire power.

Within seconds other touts had gathered to defend their own and Taiwo took them all up. While the main tout attempted to remove an accessory from the tricycle, she fought back and with a single push he was on the wet ground! Other commuters were amazed at how a woman single handed fought her way among several men right under heavy downpour.

Other commuters were worried how women are always reluctant in defending themselves even in the face of persecution.

“Even the two policewomen at the bus stop looked away while this brave woman engaged the touts all by herself,” said an angry elderly man.


Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel