Church Of God Needs To Stop Being Divided -Afolabi

Serving Overseer of First Love Assembly, Lagos, Pastor Simeon Afolabi has called on Christians in Nigeria to stop being divided.

Afolabi who ministered at the Ministers Conference and Restoration Seminar titled Dominion Mandate on Saturday also responded to questions during the interactive session.

“The Church of God needs to stop being divided. The Church has been divided for too long on trivial and important issues,” he said during the session which took place via zoom and transmitted live on Twitter (#DominionMandate) and

When asked why the Church of Christ seems not to be able to exercise dominion according to what he lectured on especially as it concerns the persecution of Christians in the northern part of Nigeria, Afolabi said may be the subject of having dominion is not being taught.

“May be it is not being taught. In the field of sports there are combat sport, there are individual sports where the glory is meant for the athlete. There are teams sports like basketball, volley ball, football, these sports cannot be achieved by one individual,” he said.

Stating further, the Serving Overseer said, “Nigerian Christians have become so individualistic. It is about us, it is not about me or I.

Talking about complacency of the Church in the south, Afolabi said, “Those of us in the south are in the air conditioned cathedrals, we have worship team, smoke machine etc. For us to get things done, we need to develop a united front. The problem we have is our division.

“We are divided over virtually everything; over the lockdown, over opening of Churches. If we can come together, if we have one language, there is no force that can overcome us.”

Afolabi in his lecture identified four things Christians need to understand in order to be able to exercise dominion.

The cleric said Christians must understand their root. “If you understand your root, you will not live a single day without longing to exercise your dominion,” he said, adding that our root as Christians is dominion personified.


He also in his lecture said believers in Christ must understand their race. He said believers should lay aside the sins that easily beset them and run the race set before them.

“If you really want to exercise your dominion, you must identify your race and run it,” he admonished.

He continued that believers must understand their rights.

“There is right by inheritance and there is right by conquest. If you know your right, you will never entertain trespassers,” he said.

Lastly the Serving Overseer said believers must understand their resources in order to enjoy dominion.

“As children of God we have incredible resources,” he said, adding that Christians have the Word of God, citing Joshua 1:8.

He also stated that the believers in Christ have the hosts of heaven, the blood of the lamb and the name of Jesus as resources.

Concluding, Afolabi said, “To be a minion is to be subservient. “If we will not be a minion here on earth we must understand our dominion.”

Ministers Conference and Restoration Seminar are facilitated by a support group, Dominion Promotion Partners (RPP) comprising of men and women who support the ministry of Pastor Simeon Afolabi.

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel