Authority Stealing

By Kayode Akinrimisi II


Authority stealing, authority stealing a song popularised by Fela Anikulapo Kuti is the root cause of the #ENDSARS project rocking Nigeria at the moment.

It is a situation where education sub sector is taking N40bn in the national budget and National Assembly is taking N120bn, this is not tenable.

Some analysts will say Nigeria actually is a poor nation looking at the per capital income and size of the national budget where countries like Pakistan that does not have Nigeria’s GDP of $440bn can boast of $90bn in budget. So there is a disconnect with the GDP, our budget should surpass such countries.

In it all, one thing must be agreed upon, Nigerian leaders have been poor managers of the economy since the inception except a few brilliant ones like the late Obafemi Awolowo, former Premier of the Western Nigeria, and Finance Minister during the General Gowon administration. Most, if not all Presidents, Ministers, Governors, Premier, leave the office richer, leaving the people they govern poorer.

Policy somersault, poorly executed ideas have left Nigeria to be in the league of Congo DRC, Burundi, Lesotho, Afghanistan etc.


Democracy has been a curse not a solution in Nigeria as the current APC government came with fanfare and hope, six years on the driver’s seat, the major difference between APC and PDP is a serial rapist and an armed robbery situation. The Nigerian political class lacks human touch, class and understanding of issues, instead they behave like demons set loose from hell to torment their followers.

The followers too lack vision of a true leadership, collecting money to vote, ethnic and religious shades becloud their true reasoning.

The core North is most guilty of these crimes and the leadership of the core North has successfully carried out these image to the whole Nigeria were the whole country has been subjected to rankadede syndrome. The elites of the so called Southern and Middlebelt regions are not better.



*Kayode Akinrimisi II is the CEO of  GCOMS Ventures, he writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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