Adron Homes CEO Fetes Media Partners, Task Journalists On Creative Ingenuity

By: Okosun Dennis

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Adron Homes Limited, Aare Adetola Emmanuel King, on Sunday, 21st April, 2024, hosted media partners to an evening of talks, laughter and creative engineering.

It was a day that would continue to resonate in the minds of the pen pushers that attended the gathering where he engaged them in a business conversations to drive consciousness and create business idea that would promote sales and more investments.

Tagged: “Media Partners Business Outlook 2024, was a brainstorming session that afforded partners the opportunity to speak their minds, setting business agenda that would promote sales and ensure that the company meets its set target and objectives.

In his opening remarks, Aare Adetola acknowledged the contributions of the media in exposing the company to the world as such partnership has brought glories, accolades, awards and humongous successes since it started business 12 Years ago.

While appreciating their ingenuity in publishing and sharing their stories, he encouraged them to be creatively minded and write stories from their independent perspective.

He said, “I want to appreciate every single media practitioner who has been part of us since inception in February 2012 till now. We started with one office, seven staffers, and one selling estate in 2012. We have made tremendous progress as we now have 52 offices in nine states, 42 Estates and over 3000 staffs.

However, in setting a template for the media partners, Aare Adetola emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to providing housing for every Nigerian, adding that despite the housing deficit, Adron will continue to strive and ensure they have Estates in all the 36 states of the country including Abuja.

Outlining his robust vision of “Operation Total Take Over,” which he disclosed began in 2019 to accelerate growth and progress, he gave kudos to the media for the acquisition of over 25,000 acres of land by 2024 without borrowing from a dine from the banks.

Various incentives were offered to the media partners to foster creativity among the Fourth Estate of the Realm. Among such is a media partner that would make an Outstanding Contributions in quality creative story and best business idea that would drive consciousness and bring investors into the company.


He further explained that such lucky winner that will be announced in July/August 2024, and would have a 7-day vacation to any European country of his/her choice and would fly in business class, accompanied by his spouse, future partner as the case may be.

In addition, any media partner with the highest number of clients drawn to Adron Homes will receive a brand new Toyota Camry salon car, while those with the most engaging social media handles like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and X handle etc; will have N5 million or have his office equipment should such winner have good existing office.

While outlining Business Outlook 2024 with regards to its objectives of the partnership, the Director, Digital Operations, Mr. Babatunde Aladejobi reiterated that such collaboration will galvanize enhanced visibility and market penetration adding that with diverse audiences of the media partners, the company will make tremendous milage by leveraging on those platforms and expand its customer base.

On where Adron looks forward to being in the next one year, he disclosed their intention to expand to cover 15 states of the federation, double office outlets and grow staff strength.

“Our goal is to be everywhere, be the biggest with over 200 estates in each state and beyond the shores of the nation,” Mr Aladejobi reemphasized.

On his part, the Director, Human Resources, Mr Michael Oladipo restated that partnering with Adron Homes, it is a win win affairs as every media partner stands the chance of owing his/her property with consistent efforts.

The highpoint of the evening, and the most hilarious was the dance show featuring some media partners which was tagged: Mr. and Miss ADRON Media Partners 2024. In addition, KLM Dancers, with their energetic steps spiced the evening.

At the end of the contest which drew tremendous applause, the winners (a man and a woman) were rewarded with cash gift of N250,000 each and a plot of land at locations closest to where they are resident.

The runner-up got half a plot of land each and N100,000 among other gift items.

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