Activist Seeks Justice Over Bloody Easter Across Nigeria 

After what he described as a bloody Easter, a United States-based human rights lawyer, Emmanuel Ogebe, has recounted the bloodbath across Nigeria during the Christian celebrations.

According to Ogebe, a fact finding mission across Nigeria has revealed several attacks that led to loss of lives during the holy week and Easter.

“After a human rights fact-finding mission to South South, South West and North Central Nigeria and the FCT, we note multifarious attacks and human rights concerns from the Holy Week up to the Easter holiday,” he said.

Ogebe listed the several killings below urging the government to take the security of lives more seriously.

·         17 people were killed after a child dedication service in Nassarawa State.

·         On Good Friday another dozen were killed in Benue State

·         Also on Good Friday, a British aid worker for one of the few Christian American NGOs working in Nigeria was murdered when kidnappers attacked and abducted several people in Kaduna State.

He stated that, “Boko Haram has abducted and killed Britons before, sadly. Two years ago another British missionary was abducted and died in Delta State. Nigeria is gaining a deadly reputation for the shed blood of martyrs including missionaries.

“The death of British aid worker Faye Mooney is the 4th year of consecutive killings of aid workers from 2016-2019. Workers from the UN and Red Cross are among those killed or executed by terrorists year-on-year in recent times.”

Listing further, Ogebe said, “On Easter Sunday, a gruesome massacre occurred in Gombe State when Nigerian security agents reportedly crashed into Boy’s Brigades marching in an Easter parade killing 10 boys. This is an egregious case of terrorism against innocent Christian worshippers by security agents.

“In what appears to be an emerging new pattern of vehicle-born terrorism, on Easter Monday yet another vehicle plowed into an Easter procession wounding over 17 Christians in Adamawa State.


“Previously on Good Friday, another attack by suspected Muslim Fulani Herdsmen claimed the lives of four people in Bolon, Adamawa State.

“The Holy Week killings in Nigeria do not grab headlines like Sri Lanka but still Nigeria’s Christians are dying the deaths of a 1,000 cuts in as many installments!” He lamented.

Talking about kidnapping activities, the human rights lawyer said, “Kidnappings across northern Nigeria have spiked in tempo. Two specific cases drawn to our attention occurred in Abuja and Jos during the Holy Week.

“A young lady known to our team was abducted in a shared painted taxi occupied by other passengers on her way from work. After robbing her, they held her hostage for a ransom. Family members ultimately paid to secure her release before she was molested. In the second case, armed men stormed a home and took the occupant’s wife away.

“The following day she was released after a ransom was paid. She said the kidnappers asked her to pray that God will forgive them for kidnapping her. The Fulani Herdsmen who abducted her did not molest her,” he said.

Ogebe however commended the Nigerian Customs Service for releasing seized food and other items to orphanages.

“We commend the Nigerian Customs Service for releasing confiscated contraband food and soap items to orphanages. We urge them to do this expediently before the products expire,” he said, urging the public to be more vigilant.

“We urge the public to be vigilant since the crime rate has skyrocketed as people cave in to despair following the rigged election outcome.

“We continue to demand justice for all the victims of the incidences referenced above and in particular investigation into the killing of 10 boys by personnel of the Nigerian Government,” he said.

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