Scene of the accident

PHCN’s intervention averts disaster as commercial bus crashes into hospital, electric pole

Prompt intervention of men of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) averted what could have been a disaster this morning when a fully loaded commercial bus crashed into an electric pole and parts of the fence of Light Hospital on Folarin Street, Alimosho area of Lagos after its brake failed on motion.

The commercial bus according to its driver (names withheld) was conveying passengers to Oshodi from the Egbeda park.

The remorse driver told National Wire after the accident that “I loaded passengers from Egbeda to Oshodi and decided to pass through Folarin Street because of the heavy Monday morning traffic on the major road.”

He explained further that, “The bus had not given any warning but the break suddenly failed and I managed not to hit the oncoming vehicle, which was where I swerved and crashed into the hospital fence and the electric pole which actually stopped the bus.”

Security guards of the affected Light Hospital also explained how they were spared in what could have been an unfortunate situation. “We used to sit at that same spot the vehicle crashed into. But luckily no one was there when it happened,” said one of the security men on duty.

Chief Executive of Wig Radio, Olawale Perfect was one of the early callers to the scene of the accident. Olawale whose WigRadio studio is next to the accident site told National Wire that, “We thank God there was no power supply as at the time of the accident.”

Arrival of PHCN van
Arrival of PHCN van

“There was power supply this morning but as God would have it, there was power cut and shortly after, the accident happened, dropping all the cables on the bus, the gate of our close and even on the road as you can see here, he explained.

Another residence of the area explained that, “If there was power supply, there would have been current in the cables. There may have been an explosion and maybe a fire outbreak and only God knows what would have happened.”

Meanwhile, residents sent an SOS to the PHCN to switch off the power supply in the area to forestall any further damage. While sympathizers were still arguing that PHCN officials may not visit the area, they were proved wrong as a PHCN van drove into the area and work commenced.

PHCN van
PHCN van

The swift intervention of the PHCN workers saved what could have been a fire incident as electric cables littered the road.


Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel