Ungodliness in Nigerian Church, cause of national woes

Sunday 2nd October 2016

Ministering: Pastor Femi E. A. Emmanuel

Exodus 19:1-24

Exodus 20:26-28

Exodus 24:1-18

Exodus 32:1-33


  • We have had ministers in the past speaking on behalf of the church, but the problem is that the voice of the truth is not continuing.


  • It is unfortunate that it is Buhari a secular leader now talking about change, when the church refused to take the lead. In the days of people like Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Prophet T. O. Obadare and others who boldly addressed national issues and leaders, things were different, the problem is that the voices are not continuing.



  • When politicians begin to get angry at pastors then Nigeria is getting better.
  • Nigeria started having problems when prosperity messages began and the reverse will be the case, Nigeria will be better when the church clears the corruption, the nation will follow.


  • We are wasting time hoping in EFCC, thinking they can stop corruption. We think until they collect looted fund from Diezani and others. Let the Bishops, the pastors first refund to the churches the money they looted, let them return such fund.



  • Today is Sunday, the corrupt officials are in churches. Let the pastors tell them to take their money to cater for widows who can’t pay their children’s school fees. Tell them the money meant for their constituencies should go for same purpose, they shouldn’t bring such money to church again. When the politicians and the pastors fall out because of truth, then it means Nigeria is getting better.


  • If you don’t have intimacy with God, it will be easy for you to replace Him.



  • Lack of knowledge of God makes a nation to go into idolatry.


  • Nigeria began to go down when men of God started becoming god of men.



  • Independent from Egypt is not independent from God but should mean a total dependency on God.


  • The church is the hope of Nigeria, the day the church gets it right, the nation gets it right.



  • Do not seek what God can give, seek to know who He is.


  • The church lost its place and that is why the country is what it is today.


  • The church lost its position when we started generating miracles rather than emphasizing salvation, we started conditioning the people to seek miracles.



  • Miracle seeking affected the economy. How? When we engage people during productive hours to take them in long prayers, giving them false hope.


  • The economy was affected when Pastors started drifting to Lagos; leaving the hinterland for greener pastures in Lagos.



  • How did corruption enter the country? It entered through the church, when she left the way. The economy of Nigeria is still in the hinterland.


  • You are the light of the world, the world will become dark when you put off your light. You are the salt of the earth, the world will be tasteless and decay if you lose your saltiness.


  • People that were running vibrant ministries in the hinterland in those days that would have been more useful for God there left to seek greener pastures in Lagos, they left all those places drained, they left and the economy of those places were destroyed and they were not plowing back to those places.


  • The economy of Nigeria is still out there in the hinterland, thank God for Lagos and other urban places which are economically buoyant, the only thing they are giving back is going to build fine houses in those villages.



  • Demand of the Israelites for another god actually defined what corruption is. In Exodus 32:7-8. How did corruption enter Nigeria? It was by going out of the way. Who went out of the way? The church went out of the way.


  • We complain about the Hausas, it’s not so. If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways, I will heal their land is what the Bible says.


  • The land is sick because the people that know the way have gone out of the way. Corruption is in the church, it is among Christians in Nigeria that is why there is problem in Nigeria. All the pipeline vandals and other corrupt practices are just outward manifestation of inner corruption. You are the light of the world, in other words, the world will go dark if you put off your light.



  • If the church has been emphasising spiritual transformation, perhaps the issue of change wont be the issue today. A Buhari will not now come and be talking about change.
  • Why are our Pastors, our Bishops not emphasizing spiritual transformation and renewal of the mind? Now it is a secular leader talking about change.


  • Why can’t we change our attitude? Even in our homes and in our church? I want us to look at ourselves, would you recommend the way you are living as a church man as a formula for Nigeria?



  • Will I recommend my style of leadership for any leader in Nigeria saying just follow how I’m leading as a pastor?


  • Will you recommend as you are living your life as a Christian in your community, in your family for Nigerian leaders? Until we get to that point, we have not started. Let us remove all the stone gods that we have made, those gods in our homes, let us serve God absolutely.



  • Let us pray for the church of God in Nigeria that there will be prevalence of truth.


Pastor Femi E. A. Emmanuel PhD lectures at the West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos, an affiliate of UNN, Nsukka and Asbury Theological Seminary, USA. He also lectures at the Crowther Graduate School, Abeokuta, Ogun State



Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel