Unforgettable Candlelight Dinner: Bigi Entertains Top 4 Nigerian Idol Contestants

Bigi, the beloved beverage brand known for its exciting twists on Nigerian Idol, hosted a truly special evening for the show’s top 4 contestants.

Held at the Safron Hotel in Ikeja GRA, the Bigi Candlelight Dinner celebrated the contestants’ achievements and brought a delightful surprise!

This season, Bigi took a heartfelt approach by inviting the contestants’ parents and loved ones to share in the celebration, creating an intimate and memorable evening. Adding to the excitement, past contestants from the last two seasons made surprise appearances, elevating the event to new heights. Special guests included Progress Chukwuyem, the winner of Season 7; Victory Gbakara, the winner of Season 8; and other notable contestants like Precious Mac and Ose Daniel.

Biola Aransiola, Brand Manager of Bigi, welcomed the contestants and their families with a heartfelt speech. She expressed her gratitude for their presence and highlighted the dinner as Bigi’s way of giving back to the contestants, acknowledging their contributions to the show and the brand. “This dinner is our way of giving back to you because you have given so much to the people”, she said.

Progress Chukwuyem, the winner of Season 7, delivered an inspiring speech, urging the contestants to remain dedicated and proactive in their careers. “Keep putting in the extra work after the show and be very intentional about your craft. Go after what you want and don’t wait for anyone to give it to you. Nigerian Idol makes you famous, not successful,” he advised.


Victory Gbakara, winner of Season 8, echoed Progress’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of leveraging the platform and popularity gained from Nigerian Idol. He encouraged the contestants to continue showcasing their talents beyond the show.

Precious Mac, second runner-up of Season 8, congratulated the contestants on their achievements and encouraged them to persevere in their musical journeys. “Don’t give up, you have come this far, and the journey ahead is just as exciting,” she said.

The night culminated with a closing remark from Mr. Yinka Adebayo, Executive Director, MediaReach OMD. The Bigi Candlelight Dinner stands as a testament to Bigi’s unwavering commitment to supporting Nigerian Idol contestants and fostering a spirit of community within the show.

This heart-warming event is sure to be a highlight of the season, showing Bigi’s dedication to the show and its talented contestants.

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