U.S County Names Nigerian As Cultural Commissioner

Tayo Olanipekun

A Nigerian international executive leader, Remi Duyile, has been nominated to serve as the first ever African-born Multi-Cultural Commissioner for Prince George’s County in the State of Maryland, USA.

Duyile will be sworn in on September 23, 2019 in the Multi-Cultural section of the state she said has been promoting an “inclusion system of dynamism to encourage everyone to be at the table.”

She told journalists that her nomination was a result of the state Attorney’s desire to make everyone in the County  feel connected to the opportunities in the land, adding: “I’m honoured and looking forward to seeing how I can represent Africa as a proud Nigerian.”

She has also called on fellow Nigerians to come in their numbers to see her “get sworn in and be ready to support and make us a legacy exercise.”

Duyile has lived in the County for 37 years and worked with the Bank of America between 1988 and 2003 where she rose to the position of Vice  President. She has an MBA in Finance and Business Economics of the University of District of Colombia and her honours and awards include the Top 100 MBE.


Her citation also shows she managed over 600 financial portfolios for high net worth companies in the financial institution worth million of dollars.

Her 17 years career in in the corporate American banking system ranges from retail, commercial and private and mortgage.

Explaining the possible reasons for her being considered for the new role, Duyile said :”I’ve always been a leader in the community. I’ve been involved in the community and I’ve done so many things in the community, serving and adding value. Possibly,they saw some of those attributes in the African community and I am one of the commissioners to the African Affairs in the State of Maryland.”

Prince George’s, which the 2010 census put its population at 863,420, is the second-most populous county in Maryland, only behind the Montgomery County.

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