Topic: Power Against Polygamous Witchcraft — Dr. Daniel Olukoya




Text: Nahum 3:1-4
Minister: Dr. Daniel Olukoya (G.O. MFM Worldwide)

Today is a marathon prayer programme against a very deep problem, a problem that has done very little to move people forward in this our world. It has contributed tragedy, disaster, and backwardness to so many people. And may I humbly say that there is nobody who is exempted from this? Everybody needs to pray because we are working against a very clever enemy who will use any loophole against us. Polygamous witchcraft has its roots in the Scriptures. We see siblings warfare and domestic witchcraft, and it is still going on now.

I just came back from a crusade in Germany, where I met two people. Again, on this same problem of polygamous witchcraft. The first one earned a first-class degree. He did so well that he won a first scholarship to South Africa to do his postgraduate degree programme. He started the scholarship, but it was cancelled. He did so well again, he got another scholarship to Cambridge University in the UK. Again, the scholarship was cancelled. Any time he started, it would be cancelled. He did not know that there was a problem.

Again, he won the Bill Gates scholarship, and it was cancelled three weeks after he started. He went to one of the best universities in Germany, but again, the scholarship he got there was cancelled after two semesters. He got a scholarship from Russia, which also got cancelled. Then he began to struggle all over the place. He got some certificates that he never worked with, all because his father had four wives, and the wives thoroughly dealt with themselves and with their children.

===> I am praying for somebody here this morning: the arrow of polygamous witchcraft fired to detain your destiny shall die! in the name of Jesus.

The second person I met was a lady. This wonderful lady had three boys, all in mental homes. The children had been in a mental home for 10 years. Her elder brother died of alcoholism, her younger brother is in a drug detention centre, and all because of what? Polygamy. This is what we are really here to work against today.

There is a power that has:
– turned many mighty men into dwarfs.
– turned the day of many to night.
– buried and decorates the grace of many black people.
– moved many from promotion to demotion.
– moved many from motion to stagnancy.
– moved millions and millions of people from success to failure.
– turned many royalties to servants.
– moved many from the palace to the prison yard.
– converted many vital areas to deserts.

It is what is known as polygamous witchcraft. So for the next few minutes, we are going to look at and pray about this problem. In the book of Nahum 3, we begin to read about certain relationships between the powers of witchcraft and the family line.
Nahum 3:1-4 (KJV): “Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departeth not; The noise of a whip, and the noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of the pransing horses, and of the jumping chariots. The horseman lifteth up both the bright sword and the glittering spear: and there is a multitude of slain, and a great number of carcases; and there is none end of their corpses; they stumble upon their corpses: Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the well-favored harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts.”

One of the major agendas of witchcraft is to sell nations and families. Many families are already in the market, being sold by witchcraft powers. Many have already been sold into slavery. This thing we are discussing today is the major doorway through which witchcraft sells families. I remember this day the story of that sister in 1994. Her father had six wives. The mother of this sister was wife number 2. All the children from that family had never gone beyond primary school. This sister joined Scripture Union (SU) at a very young age in primary school, and from there, for the first time in that family, she gained admission into secondary school.

She finished secondary school, got into the university, won a scholarship, and got out of the university with a first class. Then one day, she brought one man home and told her parents that he was the man she wanted to marry. And the mother took her to the other wives to say that her daughter had brought the husband she wanted to marry. In the night while this sister slept, the other five wives of her father appeared in her dream, and they asked, “Are you the only child? Others did not go beyond primary school; you did. Others did not go to the university, but you did. Nobody is married here, but you want to marry. Sorry, you have made enough concessions. No more!”

That was the last day this sister saw her menstrual flow at the age of 24. She could not tell the person she wanted to marry. They got married anyway. That was the problem that brought her here. The witchcraft powers of these five women, who were there when she started her period and had access to her life, were sufficiently strong to capture her menstruation. Can you close your eyes, beloveth and say this with boiling anger:

===> Every satanic access to my blood when I was young, scatter! in the name of Jesus.

But then, beloveth, we serve a God who is very fond of surprises. Once you find an enemy who thinks they are very clever, God will also show them who is boss. When she came for counselling, the man of God asked her one question: “What are you looking for? Are you looking for a child, or are you looking for menstruation?” She replied that she wanted a child. He prayed for her, and without seeing that period, she got pregnant. But then, that is because she went to the right place.

Many of us have wasted valuable time of our lives in the wrong places, and then those places have strengthened the problem and screwed it tight, whereas they were claiming to be giving solutions. I want you to understand. I must have shared this before. Because this sister was having serious problems, her mother took her to the Bar beach for a spiritual bath. As the prophet was bathing her, a very giant looking power came out of the sea and rushed towards them. The giant-looking power wanted to drag this sister away from the man who was bathing her into the sea. The sister was expecting the prophet to rebuke the power in the name of Jesus, but that was not what she heard.

The man very quickly threw away the bell and the Bible with him and began serious incantations before the spirit went back into the sea. Now if such a man had prayed for you before, all he had done was tighten the screw on the head of your problem. So, get yourself prepared today. I have seen many things in my life. Many of the things that I see, if I told you, you would not believe. Some of the little stories I tell on the pulpit, a lot of people still doubt them and wonder, “Can these things be true?” If I told you everything we see and confront every day, many of you would never believe it. Many of them are very shocking.

I have heard a talking pregnancy before. I have seen somebody who slept with two breasts and woke up with one. But of all these things, none has shocked me like the day a man of God was caught in fornication with a twenty-year-old girl at the age of 70. And the man had been a pastor for 50 years. It was when I sent him to Prayer City for deliverance that he saw that what caused his problem was the polygamy in his father’s house. His father had 14 wives. That anointing of polygamy had followed his life and calling, and the powers saw that he wanted to escape, so they decided to capture him, and they dealt with him.

There is something beloveth known as “stepmother’s warfare”. Unless that stepmother is soaked in the blood of Jesus over and over again and is completely broken, it is a lie to say that she will love other children like her own. I know of a particular case where this woman just packed her things from her husband’s house and left. Nobody told her to pack; she was not suffering; she just left seven children behind. As I am talking to you now, six of the boys are insane. She left, and a stepmother took care of them.

So this power that has turned a lot of people to rubbish and nonsense is what is known as polygamous witchcraft. Witchcraft is bad enough, but when it is now mixed with polygamy, it becomes more vicious and more terrible. It becomes a horrible thing. There is a brother who became a pastor. He had pastored in five different churches, and in all five churches, he was always caught in fornication. The last place he was posted, he went and committed fornication with the wife of the general superintendent, and that man was very popular for issuing terrible curses. He issued terrible curses against the life of that brother, and by the time he came to me and said “Help me, sir”, the secret was then revealed.

His father had ten wives, and of all the children of his father, he loved him the most. The love was so great that the father would always insist that he eat with him. And this food was always cooked by a timetable with all the ten wives. The brother did not know that every food they cooked for his father was highly laced with fetish things in order to win the man’s heart for themselves. That was where the problem with the brother started, which was eating polluted food from a polygamous background. Polygamous witchcraft is responsible for so many terrible situations.

Witchcraft in itself is very very bad, but when the enemy wants to use it to sell families, he does all kinds of things with it.

What is polygamy itself? It is the practice of having more than one husband or wife. If you check your Bible very carefully, you will find a lot of polygamous people recorded there. The water of polygamy may be sweet when you just start it, but very soon it will become very bitter, and this has polluted and darkened so many destinies. The dark waters of polygamy flow down many generational lines, and many of us need to sit down and re-analyse what our definition of polygamy really means.

Other types of polygamy:
– When a person has an official or unofficial extra wife or husband, that is polygamy. When somebody finds himself in a situation where all his ancestors were polygamists, he has to pray.
– when you find strange women in the life of a man, it is also polygamy.
– when a man has concubines all over the place, it is polygamy.
– when two families go into matrimony and a woman from a monogamous home marries a man from a polygamous home, there is still the water of polygamy inside, and vice versa.
– all the accidental pregnancy partners without marriage are clever forms of polygamy.
– all the young people with multiple boyfriends and girlfriends are eaglets in the school of polygamy.
– when a man has great difficulty sticking to one partner, the waters of polygamy are flowing into his life.
-There is something worse and more dangerous than this, which is called “spiritual polygamy”. That is, a woman has many spirit husbands, or a man has many spirit wives.
– When you see a man who hates the company of men with perfect hatred but only loves the company of women, the water of polygamy is already flowing into his life. He may not even be committing sin, but he is always there. There is trouble for him, and it is polygamy.
-When a person is from a broken home and goes to marry a divorcee, the double waters of polygamy are already flowing into his life.
– when the jilter’s anointing is upon a lady, it is still polygamy.
There is something called unconscious marriage. You may not believe this, but it is possible to marry people off from the womb. That is why it is dangerous for adults to be pointing to babies and calling them their wives or husbands. That is introducing polygamy into their lives.
– The royal family’s agenda is polygamy. Of course, if you are from a royal family, nobody needs to tell you today that you need to pray. Or you marry into a royal family, you need prayer.
– There are people with hidden ambitions to have multiple children, and whether the children are hungry or not is not their problem. It is still the waters of polygamy.
– all the men in unholy relationships with their househelps are in polygamy.
– Unholy relationships with inlaws are polygamy.
– the practice of people inheriting wives or husbands is still polygamy.
– when you as a woman, are the one who brings in your friends to seduce your own husband, it is polygamy.
– You, as a man, have this magnet in your body that draws women to you at all times; you have the waters of polygamy flowing in you.

So it is a wide matter; it is not as simple as we are taking it. Polygamy is one of the breeding grounds for the most acidic operations of witchcraft. Look at what the Bible says here:
*James 3:16 (KJV): “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”*

I want you to0 understand that many of us would not be in the situations we are in if not for these powers. I want you to understand that all those modern-day men who are still practising it are the ones bringing Africa back into bondage. No matter what religion you are practising, if it is going to bring in polygamy, you are encouraging polygamous witchcraft, and there will be confusion and every evil work.

I was in Paris, and I was told to come and pray for somebody in the hospital. The white doctors had carried out all manner of tests, but they still could not understand what was wrong with the lady.

I, too, had never seen that kind of sickness before. So the Nigerians there began to take men of God there one by one, with no solution. Then I was dragged there. Immediately I entered, I saw this woman, very young and light in complexion, standing there at the foot of the sick woman’s bed, and then I heard “sixth wife” in my ear. But unfortunately, immediately I entered, the lady opened her eyes, saw me, and said, “Is this the person you brought here? Older men have come here and they did not get results; now it is this small boy you are bringing here. Please, if you do not have anybody to bring, just forget it. Do not bring just anyone here again.

So I said, “Okay, thank you very much, but before I go, there is a woman standing here,” and I described the woman to her. She shouted that that was the last wife of her daddy. Then I told her “I am going, bye”. She said, “Ah, do not go, sir. Please do not go.” They followed her abroad. Close your eyes again:


===> Every follow-follow power targeting my destiny, die! in the name of Jesus.

Now listen carefully, beloveth, in polygamous homes, there are always quarrels, strifes, unrest, rivalry, envy, lack of peace, evil competition, open and hidden hatred, tension, and poverty. There was a man who had three wives and a lot of property. The eldest son belonged to the first wife. Then the third wife had a son, but immediately after the third wife had her son, she began to eye the properties of the man, and the only way for her to get them was to eliminate the first boy. And how did she go about it? She programmed the anointing of armed robbery into the life of this boy, and one day this boy took a group of armed robbers and came to raid his own family house.

The father had a gun, and he shot at one of the robbers. The others fled, but the fallen robber remained face down on the floor. When the policemen came in the morning and turned the robber face up, the man saw that it was his first son, programmed to steal by wife number three.

So, when wives are in a polygamous setup, they go into witchcraft and all kinds of powers for several reasons:
– to cage their husbands.
– to divert his love from other wives.
– to overpower and manipulate other wives.
– to protect their own children.
– to defend their interests in the family.
– to destroy the lives of the children of the other wives.
– to seek the strongest satanic power for survival.
– to get a sizeable portion of the man’s wealth if he is rich. That is why, when you want to know a poor man that the enemy has buried alive, he will go ahead and marry extra wives so that his poverty can be complete.
– to battle against the fear of the unknown.
– to transfer virtues from promising children to their own children.

So the bottom line is that the problems that many of us are going through now are a result of the outflow of polygamous witchcraft. Your immediate parents may not be polygamous. Even your grandparents may not be polygamous. But if there is somebody in your ancestry who was polygamous, you need to pray because the waters of polygamy flow down. Polygamous witchcraft is responsible for:
– female oppression.
– teenage pregnancies.
– most of the rape cases we see, because once the anointing of polygamy is upon a woman, men who even do not have it in mind to do so will want to rape a woman.
– promiscuity.
– all the children’s prostitution that you see. There are plenty of them around us, beloveth, and polygamous witchcraft is the source.
– broken homes.
– premature death.
– prostitution.
– high maternity death rates.
– low life expectancy.
– suicide.
– domestic stress.
– children who are becoming emergency bus conductors.
– weak family units. All these are the outflows of polygamous witchcraft.
– poverty of the highest order.
– transfer of sicknesses and diseases.
– 99% of cases of vagabond children, vagabond men, and men who do not know what they are doing.
– illegitimate children.
– terrible wickedness.

I read a terrible story the other day in a foreign newspaper. This woman had four children. The oldest was around 15, and the youngest was about four months or so. Then one day she discovered that the husband had a second wife. She got so angry that she just went to a river and threw all the four children into the river and said “Okay, let me see what the man will do now”. So the man had to start from square one. It is the outflow of polygamous witchcraft when curses abound on the heads of children because, as one wife is talking, another one is talking. Polygamous witchcraft can also be responsible for:
– loss of spiritual power
– unsuccessful children. The Bible records a lot of wives and concubines for Solomon, but of all the children that Solomon had, the Bible only talks about 3. We do not know what became of the rest.
– all the cases of unexplainable failure.
– marital turbulence.
– disfavour.
-young widowhood, because that power wants the man or woman to go and marry other people.

This is a very serious matter, and it has turned our societies upside down. It has caused a lot of acidic attacks on people’s destinies. Many of us who would have been high flyers and doing great things now are pushed back because of the polygamous warfare going on when we were born. I know of a stepmother who placed a curse on a sister and said that until her five daughters were married, the lady would not marry; meanwhile, her last child was still in primary school. So what she was technically saying was that the sister would not marry at all. So there is a lot of trouble we have introduced into our own lives, and because it is the agenda of witchcraft to sell families, once polygamy is involved, they just move in and cause trouble.

But deliverance from their hands is possible. Now, how do we do that? Things to do!
1. Complete repentance: If you are still practising any sexual sin, forget deliverance from the hands of these powers. You will never be free. If you are a sister still practising sex outside marriage, forget deliverance from these powers, they will kill you off. You are still a man going to work and putting condoms in your bag, forget deliverance from these powers, they will finish you off. If you still have boyfriends or girlfriends everywhere, these powers will eventually catch up with you and finish you off unless you are ready to repent.
2. Carry out necessary restitution: I want you to understand this very well.
3. Engage in bold warfare prayers against polygamous witchcraft.

Before we go into our prayers, let me share again this testimony, which I have shared with you before, so that you will know what to do and that deliverance is possible. I had a friend many years ago. My friend failed all available examinations. The examination my friend did not fail was the one he did not take. Anyone he took, he failed. In his WAEC exams, he took seven subjects and got F9 continuously. Even though there was one particular year that he did not take the exam, WAEC sent him the result that he failed. His situation was terrible. One day, he came to a prayer meeting like this. He got home that day in boiling anger. He started praying.

As he was praying, God opened his eyes. He saw all his books on the table and saw his father’s sixth wife sitting on them. So for the first time in all his years, he knew where his failure was coming from. He got angry. By the next morning, he had packed his load and gone straight to his home town. All the wives lived in a house in various rooms with a common corridor. So he got there and did not respond to any greetings from any of his father’s wives, including his mother. By midnight, he had taken his Bible and started praying, and he was marching up and down the corridor. What did Aremu not call that night? He called fire, thunder, brimstone, sulphur, pepper, and everything else. It was a terrible night.

Nobody came out. Nobody went to the toilet. They were all holed up in their rooms until 6 a.m. in the morning. By 6 a.m., he said, “Special announcement: I am going back to Lagos now. If I fail any other examination, I shall be back here, and it shall be more terrible”. And do you know what? He never failed an examination again.

[Before Message] 1. (Lift up your two hands.) Battles, keeping me on the same level, expire! in the name of Jesus.
2. Evil voices, crying at night, to waste my destiny, die! in the name of Jesus.
3. Powers that hate to hear good news about me, you are liars, die! in the name of Jesus.

[After Message] Crushing every satanic agreement in your family.
1. My family, reject satanic agreement, in the name of Jesus.
2. (Mention your family), hear the Word of the Lord, come out of bondage! in the name of Jesus. (Pray this two hot times.)
3. Powers that are saying, I will not go far; you are liars, die! in the name of Jesus.

Flushing out every satanic investment in your family.
1. Every inherited curse, rooted in my blood, be flushed out by the blood of Jesus!
2. (Shout the blood of Jesus three hot times), purify my family line! in the name of Jesus.
3. By the power in the blood of Jesus, calamity will not strike in my abode! in the name of Jesus.

Destroying attracted, parental, and ancestral curses.
1. Satanic rope of ancestral and parental curses, tying down my destiny, break! in the name of Jesus.
2. Ancestral and parental curses of “Thou shalt not be congratulated” and “Thou shalt not be celebrated”, break and release me! in the name of Jesus.
3. Blessing of God, that does not add sorrow, my life is available, appear! in the name of Jesus.

Uprooting every evil tree planted in your destiny.
1. Thou axe of God, come upon every plantation in my foundation! in the name of Jesus.
2. Fire of God, destroy every evil tree, planted in my foundation now! in the name of Jesus.

Destroying the manipulative power of witchcraft.
1. Internal enemies, domestic witchcraft, sponsoring evil pattern in my life, die by fire! in the name of Jesus.
2. Agents of darkness, manipulating my hand not to prosper; shout of death, sound in their homes! in the name of Jesus.

Crushing every agenda of vampire spirits.
1. Eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood, hear the Word of the Lord: eat your own flesh and drink your own blood! in the name of Jesus.
2. Vampire powers, my life is not your candidate: die! in the name of Jesus.

Destroying every witchcraft operation against your family.
1. Every witchcraft operation, assigned to bury the glory and fulfilment of my destiny, scatter by fire! in the name of Jesus.
2. Witchcraft agenda assigned to eliminate my family one by one, scatter by fire! in the name of Jesus.

Scattering every evil prayer issued against you.
1. Every satanic prayer to cut short my expectations, backfire! in the name of Jesus.
2. Powers using candles to pray against me, die with your candles! in the name of Jesus.

Terminating the spirits of waste and death.
1. Arrows of polygamous witchcraft that destroy destinies, backfire by fire! in the name of Jesus.
2. By the power of resurrection, I shall not die but live to glorify God forever! in the name of Jesus.

Destroying every power sponsoring repeated problems.
1. Repeated problems, that are making people to ask “Where is your God?” Your time is up: die by fire! in the name of Jesus.
2. Sponsors of repeated problems, in my family, I cry against you: die! in the name of Jesus.

Smashing witchcraft padlock hanging against you.
1. O God, arise, go to the bottom of the water, and break the padlock of poverty! in the name of Jesus.
2. Witchcraft padlock, assigned to lock the glory of my children, scatter by fire! in the name of Jesus.

Crushing every agreement with defeat and failure.
1. Every covenant of failure and defeat over my life and family, break! in the name of Jesus.
2. O God my Father, deliver me from the wicked mouth of the enemy! in the name of Jesus.

Destroying evil forces claiming ownership over my life.
1. Powers that pursued my father, that pursued my mother, and are now pursuing me, before I leave this place, die by fire! in the name of Jesus.
2. Any power hiding under evil ancestral cover to fight me, die! in the name of Jesus.

Drying up every evil river flowing in your lineage.
1. Evil river in my foundation, killing good things in my life, dry up! in the name of Jesus.
2. Rivers of darkness, flowing against my rising and shining, dry up! in the name of Jesus.

Let every resurrection of affliction die by fire!
1. Affliction in my body, die! in the name of Jesus.
2. Owners of affliction in my body, as I clap my hands now, carry your load! in the name of Jesus.


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