Time To Sheath Swords, Jettison Blame Game, Tribalism-Opara

The CEO and President of the Oak Investors, New Jersey, USA, Dr. Kemdi Opara has condemned the excessive use of force by the military against unarmed protesters in Lagos last Tuesday.

The Nigerian resident in the United States of America said the attack on peaceful protesters is majorly responsible for the reprisal attacks ongoing in the country.

“Citizens have a right to protest and make known their grievances and that attack on people who were on their own without weapons is the cause of all these stories we hear today,” he said.

Opara, called on the Federal Government to fish out the perpetrators of the dastardly act and punish them according to the law. “I listened to President Muhamadu Buhari’s address yesterday and was disappointed because I did not hear him talk about those who lost their lives in the incident but I trust he must have put measures in place to bring the perpetrators to book.”

The Nigerian in diaspora however, cautioned youths to be mindful of their actions as the number of infrastructure burnt or destroyed in anger will be rebuilt with the taxpayer’s money and will keep impoverishing the country rather than developing it.

“Our youths should know they’re the hope of this country and caution themselves because whatever infrastructure is destroyed in anger can never contribute to the development of our country but will rather impoverish her further.”


He added, “Violence does not pay but dialogue will go a long way in solving problems and calming nerves.

“It is our collective duty to ensure peace and development in our country for we have no other country to call our own. So now is the time to sheath the swords and jettison any form of blame game or tribalism,” he advised.


Report by Princess Ekwi Ajide

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