Three Months After, MultiChoice Increases Costs Of DStv, GOtv Subscriptions Again

Barely three months after increasing its subscription rate for Nigerian customers, MultiChoice has announced that it will carry out upward adjustments of the costs of some DStv and GOtv packages from September 1, 2020.

According to a statement from the company, this decision was made after careful consideration of the market and a review of its business operations.

“We have made efforts to contain any price adjustments on subscription prices. However, in order to ensure the sustainability of the business we have to consider financial impacts, including inflation as well increased content and operational costs. As such we have reviewed the prices of some of our bouquets so that we can continue to survive as a business and bring quality entertainment to our customers.

“To arrive at the decision to adjust prices, we took into account many factors, including the impact on the customer, current inflation, which stands at 12.82%, the highest in 27 months; content costs and efficiencies within the company. Please, be assured that we have worked hard to keep this year’s tariffs manageable,” said John Ugbe, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

“Our packages will continue to be available at varying pricing points to allow subscribers flexibility in price and choice without compromising quality or variety.

“To this end only the prices of some of the bouquets have been reviewed upwards while the lower bouquets have been left untouched.

“We will continue to give our customers the best experience. The price adjustments will allow us to keep delivering top-quality entertainment experience by telling the best local stories through our series and movies, give you access to nail-biting sporting action and up-to-the-minute news as well as the best international series, movies and documentaries, while ensuring that we offer your children movies and series that will keep them educated and entertained,” it explained.

It would be recalled that the company on June 1, 2020 increased its subscription rate as a result of the 7.5% VAT (Value Added Tax) by the Nigerian Government. The price hike will affect Nigerians alone, for now.

DSTV Access: ₦2,000 to ₦2,225
DSTV Yanga: ₦2,500 to ₦2,565
DSTV Family: ₦4,000 to ₦4,300
DSTV Confam: ₦4,500 to ₦4,615
DSTV Compact: ₦6,800 to ₦6,975
DSTV Compact +: ₦10,650 to ₦10,925
DSTV Premium: ₦15,800 to ₦16,200


DSTV Padi: ₦1,800 to ₦1,850
DSTV Max: ₦3,200 to ₦3,280
DSTV Jolli: ₦2,400 to ₦2,460
DSTV Jinja: ₦1,600 to ₦1,640
DSTV Lite ₦400 to ₦410
DSTV Box Office: ₦400 to ₦410
French Touch Add-on: ₦1,470 to ₦1,510
French Plus Add-on: ₦6,360 to ₦6,520
Indian Add-on: ₦5,400 to ₦5,540
Premium + Asia: ₦17,700 to ₦18,150
Premium + French: ₦22,200 to ₦22,750

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba