We’ll Soon Fix Evacuation Date—Nigerian Embassy

Nigeria A No-Go-Area Now—U.S-Based Nigerians Tayo Olanipekun Nigeria is yet to fix a date for the evacuation of its citizens in the U.S. willing to return home over the COVID-19 pandemic. Head of Chancery, Nigerian Embassy in the U.S, Suleiman Usman, told National Wire on Thursday that requests have continued “trickling in” from Nigerians willing […]

Bukola Bakare

Coronavirus: The World Not Your Home

Coronavirus, Like a bolt out of the blues You penetrated the very fabric of life Setting New Rules A New World Order Young and Old, Rich and Poor, Vulnerable and Abused, You have spared no one A leveller, you’ve become In a flurry, lives gone   Coronavirus, Every Continent, you’ve berthed Like the unwelcome Guest […]


Coronavirus: Nigerians Can Overcome The Disease With Accurate Reports By Traditional And Social Media

The Media Industry in Nigeria has been urged to live up to the expectation of the citizenry about the  tasks of giving out  the reports as to what to do and what not to do, including the steps to follow by all concerned,  beginning from the citizens to the policymakers on how to tame  the Coronavirus (COVID-19) since the discovery of a patient that had tested positive to the pandemic disease  in the country recently.