Sunday Worship Service Topic: My Enemy Shall Die In My Place — Dr Daniel Olukoya

Sunday Worship Service
March 12th, 2023.

Text: Proverbs 11:8, Isaiah 43:1-4, Esther 7:10
Ministering: Dr. Daniel Olukoya (G.O. MFM Worldwide)

There are prayers to pray here this morning. I need to explain to you before we start the prayers. A time comes in a person’s life when your greatest need is for God to answer your prayers. We have some dangerous prayers to pray here, and like I always tell you here, if you face a wicked enemy, you pray wicked prayers. If you face a strange enemy, you pray strange prayers. You face a mysterious enemy, you pray mysterious prayers. You cannot expect to survive in a mysterious world without being mysterious yourself.

Can you raise up your right hand and if you can still hear the voice of the person next to you, it means you are not ready for today’s prayer meeting.

Shout this three times: My enemies must die in my place, by the power, in the blood of Jesus!

Our working scripture for today is what is known as the law of substition. God replaces the righteous with the wicked. It is a divine substitution. God uses life to replace life. Has it happened before in the Bible? The answer is Yes. So many times. In the book of Esther, Mordecai was to die on those gallows prepared for him, but there was a divine substitution and Hamam died in his place.

You see beloveth, the greatest tragedy of a life is to be defeated from the cradle to the grave. And whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not, life is a war. Whether you fight or not, it does not matter; you have already been invited into the battle. Life is a battle. “Let the sleeping dogs lie” is not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus actually talked about waking the sleeping dogs.

So in the battle of life, you either come out as a winner or as a loser. The only people who lose in the battle of life are those who give up.

🔥 I decree, that your enemies shall die in your place, by the power in the blood of Jesus!


That was one example from scriptures, that Haman died in the place of Mordecai.

Those who arranged to throw Daniel in the lions’ den were killed alongside their family members. The lions did not kill Daniel, and they came to replace Daniel in the grave they had prepared for Daniel.

Goliath stood against the children of Israel and threatened David. He said “I will kill you”. But the sword that Goliath wanted to use to kill David, was what David used to behead Goliath.

The men who went to throw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace were the ones who died in their place.

For those who have a lot of love for their destinies, who have been fighting battles they do not understand, who have been openly threatened, spiritually threatened, and you are ready to fight back: this is a morning where you need to pray the way you have never prayed before, particularly in this part of the year we are in and with everything going on around us.

1. Dark powers assigned to waste me, waste yourselves, in the name of Jesus!
2. Powers waiting to hear the news of my death, die in my place! in the name of Jesus.
3. Arrows of slow death, fired against me, backfire! in the name of Jesus.
4. Powers planning to poison me, swallow your poison and die! in the name of Jesus.
5. Garment of sudden death prepared for me, catch fire! in the name of Jesus.
6. Powers in my family, assigned to cut short my life, die! in the name of Jesus.
7. Wicked elders, speaking death against my life, die in my place! in the name of Jesus.
8. Power of the grave, speaking death over my life, you are a liar, die! in the name of Jesus.
9. Every satanic grave dug for me, swallow your digger! in the name of Jesus.
10. Arrows of untimely death, fired to me in the dream, backfire! in the name of Jesus.
11. Every problem assigned to terminate my life, die! in the name of Jesus.
12. (Pray this 3 aggressive times) Powers assigned to eat my flesh and drink my blood, eat your own flesh and drink your own blood! in the name of Jesus.
13. O God arise! Have mercy on me! in the name of Jesus.
14. (Make this confession 21 times) My enemies shall die in my place, by the power in the blood of Jesus!
15. Powers assigned to pursue me to untimely grave, you are liars, die! in the name of Jesus.
16. I put myself and my family, inside the envelope, of the blood of Jesus! I put myself and my family, inside the envelope, of the fire of God!
17. Anointing to terrify my enemies, come upon me now! in the name of Jesus.
18. I shall laugh last over my enemies! My enemies shall not rejoice over me! in the name of Jesus. (a sevenfold amen).

God bless you🙏

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba