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Road from Kigali to Mogadishu

Nigeria has been described in many ways in bad lights which to some extent is the true reality on ground, successive regime is worse than the previous, system decay, widespread corruption now, banditry, kidnapping, wanton killings, Boko Haram, insurgency and ethnic agitation is the order of the day.

Now, there is a government which body language is aloofness and self denial of the truth, claiming Eldorado.

The above ills were the order of the day in Kigali, so Nigeria is not on the way to Kigali, Nigeria is already in Kigali- wanton killings. You can’t travel from Lagos to Port Harcourt without embarking on prayer and fasting for divine intervention. Kaduna-Abuja road is home of kidnappers, likewise all over the country. If Nigeria were to be a small nation like Rwanda then there is crisis. Imagine the killings in Benue State, so the huge size of the country is what is helping us to postpone the evil prophesy.

The ability of these criminal actors not to be able to do their hellish work on a national scale due to the size and the diversity of the country has helped a lot. In the words of the experts, the security forces are stretched and thinned out, they can’t cope with the security problem confronting them.

From South-West we have the ritualist, kidnappers, and killer herdsmen. South-South and South-East are worse off in ethnic agitation, oil theft, pollution of the environment, and kidnapping, killer herdsmen and armed robbery etc. The North-Central Nigeria is bedeviled with wanton killings and mass poverty. For the North-West and North-East, total poverty, bombing, killings, Boko Haram insurgency, illiteracy, underage marriage, abject poverty and total lack of government.

These are the Kigali symptoms of a dead country claiming to be alive. Now, we are seeing the rise of ethnic gladiators, territorial warlords, humans principalities championing the cause of their ethnic nationality with a President that is aloof, a weak centre, a fail security architecture and you say this is Nigeria. On this is Somalia where warlords hold the country to ransom, till date the country is still not settled. The likes of Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu and their likes sound good but in the long run will begin to demand for their own pound of flesh for stopping the onslaught of the so called foreign Fulanis.

The late Fray Adi in Somalia defy even the Americans in the 90’s to become the biggest warlord in Somalia after the overthrow of Late Siad Barre and Nigeria’s fruitless effort at peace since then Somalia has been thrown to the dogs.

Our beloved Nigeria is treading the same path to perdition, central Government is weak reminisce of the imperial China days and the nationalist Government there until the communist sent them packing in 1949.


Nigeria ethnic diversity is turning out to be her Achilles and a Government that professes change but cannot give national outlook in discussing appointment into key posts is toying with danger. The looming hunger in the land, unemployment with corruption is turning Nigeria into a waste land that Congo DRC crisis will be a child’s play if not checked in time.

The political class is a disaster and the military is ill equipped, poorly paid with low morale. This country needs a strong will leader and in this case Obasanjo with all his errors seems better off than the rest and including the current one. A strong willed leader that will forge a nation state not this ethnically bias leaders and ethnic champions using their ethnic background to score cheap political points. For outside this scope of argument they can’t offer anything tangible and this category goes the Northern Elders Forum, Afenifere (the current one, not the one Awolowo started), Ohaneze and the noisy Nnamdi Kanu.

The elite needs to change from their top class house if the avalange of crisis starts, no one is safe, go and ask the children and the grand children of the elite of Liberia (read some of Pat Utomi’s writings on this). The children begging on the street will one day rise and get what they want from you by force.

The low level corruption must stop if we want to change Nigeria, you that has assisted the needy, it might save your life when the time comes. The #EndSARS was a wake-up call.

The political elites will be the biggest losers if this enterprise called Nigeria collapses. Do the needful like some of the first republic politicians, if not for the Sardauna’s quest for unbridled power of dipping the Quran in the ocean and Awolowo’s arrogant stands of conquering Nigeria intellectually, this might have taken a different dimension but as it is, the two clashed, the rest is history.

Nigeria is down in the path of hopelessness, first civil war, now an unfinished civil war- Boko Haram, banditry, loose borders, vision-less leaders, hungry followers, 419ers, kidnappers, danger everywhere with a weak security structure. It is a matter of time before this fake edifice collapses unless something drastic is done.

Kayode Akinrimisi is a Media Practitioner based in Lagos.

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel