The Top Five Things Men Should Do That Will Guarantee Sex From Their Wives Or Girlfriends

    • If sex is no longer on the agenda, it’s time to think about bringing back the spark
    • Relationship expert Samantha Jayne reveals the top five things men should do
    • She explained most of the time, women are losing intimacy because of stress
    • Here, she shared her tips that will guarantee sex from their wives or girlfriends


Intimacy can often get lost in the long haul of relationships.

And if sex is no longer on the agenda, maybe it’s time to think about what you can do for your girlfriends or wives to bring the passion back into the bedroom.

Here, Sydney relationship expert Samantha Jayne reveals the top five things men should do for their partners that will guarantee sex.

‘The important thing is, don’t point the finger that she’s not doing this or that,’ Samantha told Daily Mail Australia.

‘The reality is, it’s a two-way street. She lost intimacy for a reason – and it could be for many reasons.’


Samantha said most of the time, women are lacking intimacy because they are going through stress or tiredness.

‘If you notice a lack of intimacy, there’s a natural desire that something is going on in her life… So take away her stress,’ she explained.

‘If you have children, pick them up or drop them off at school. Take care of the kids so she gets the opportunity to catch up with her friends or go for a walk.

‘Do something she normally abides to – like do the household chores or prepare a home-cooked meal.

‘Make her treat herself. Let her go to a nail salon or hair dressers.’


‘Women fall in love with their ears, and men fall in love with their eyes,’ she said.

‘Do something nice for her, take her out on a date and talk to her. Understand her love language and yours.

‘Giving eye contact really helps build intimacy in any relationship.’


‘Surprise her one night, light up the bedroom with candles, massage oils and be creative with what she wants,’ she said.

‘Organise dinner for her, run a beautiful bath with salts and just kiss her. They are simple things but women love them.

‘Buy her flowers and chocolates – just as long as she doesn’t think that you’re doing this for one thing.

‘It’s all about rebuilding your relationship, and be spontaneous, help ignite the passion in the bedroom again.’


‘Give her time to connect with you. When you give her space, you’re supporting her and then she would give back to you when she feels reconnected again,’ she said.

‘Don’t go out with the boys and have a big night out so she can have her space – that’s a big no-no.

‘Giving space often makes the heart go fonder. Give her time to miss you, don’t harass her with phone calls and text messages.

If you’re craving for intimacy, Samantha urged not to ‘nag’ your partner for sex.

‘Stop nagging her for sex. It’s the biggest turn off and puts a lot of pressure on her, causing her to pull away from you emotionally.

‘Most women are going to agree with me on this one – there’s nothing worse than waking up with an erection sticking into their back.

‘Realistically, take some responsibility. Yes, you’re not getting any sex but how you are obsessing over that can push her away.’


‘Make her feel special, and always give her compliments,’ Samantha said.

‘Bring back the moment you first met – what did she love? Go back to that attraction.

‘A healthy relationship is knowing what she loves most.’


Post Author: Friday Ekeoba