PSJ Hosts Peace Hike 2023, Urges Youths To Advocate For Peace, Social Justice

The International Organisation for Peace Building and Social Justice (PSJ) has held the “PSJ Jos Peace Hike 2023” with youths in the country urged to champion peace building and social justice initiatives.

The event held on Saturday, May 27th at the Shere Hills in Jos, Plateau State was organised to promote peace building and social justice in Nigeria by mobilizing youths and raising awareness about pressing social issues.

PSJ, known for its commitment to fostering peaceful coexistence and advocating for the rights of the poor and marginalised, gathered over 1,055 enthusiastic youths from various communities—a turnout that exceeded all expectations and set a new record for the state’s hiking events.

While addressing the participants, the Executive Director of PSJ, Mr Ishaya Inuwa said there is the need for youths to engage in the advocacy of peace and social justice in view of the worrisome state of the country.

“Nigeria has come this far to allow Injustice, killings and sacking of citizens from their ancestral home to become our normal; we must rise”, Inuwa stated.

The Programme Coordinator, Sam Odeh, in his address emphasised the importance of youth involvement in decision-making processes and the urgent need to put an end to the violence that plagues Nigeria.


Odeh urged the youths to rise against the prevalent injustice, killings, and displacement of citizens, declaring that such atrocities should never become the norm.

Bakali Maina and Konumay Sambo, the State youth coordinators who led the hike emphasised the significance of the organisation’s tireless efforts in transforming the deep-rooted narratives that hinder peaceful coexistence among communities.

The event also featured notable advocates for peace, musicians including Giovanni and Lahmar, who mesmerised the youthful crowd with their performances. Through their soul-stirring peace songs, they inspired the participants and reaffirmed their belief that Nigeria shall regain its greatness.

The programme, anchored by renowned broadcaster Judith Johnson, left a lasting impact on the youths. Engaging activities during the peace walk, led by the state team members, drew the attention of the participants to the pressing issue of social injustice, further igniting their determination to be part of the solution.

The event witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 650 youths signing up to join the “PSJ Youths Ambassadors” movement, and more individuals eagerly filling out manual forms to join the cause.

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel