Primate Ayodele, Kwam 1 Donates To The Poor, Widows During Birthday

Abiodun Omotosho

It came as a surprise to the mother of the 2 years and a 5 months old baby Ephaphlta Adebayo with three-hole in her heart, when, the Leader of INRI Spiritual Church, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele implore the Mayegun of Yoruba land and popular Fuji Music act, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal aka KWAM 1 to donate to the baby sum of #2 million naira for the heart surgery.

The mother Mercy Adebayo was so joyful as she rolled on the floor in appreciation to what Kwam 1 donated and Primate Ayodele has brought to her life during the 60th birthday of Primate Ayodele.

Kwam 1 who said he was at the event to appreciate what God had used Primate Ayodele to do, and the giving out #4 million naira.

He explained how he wants the money distributed. He said #2 million is for the baby with three-hole in the heart while the remaining #2 million goes to the woman with a leg problem and a widow. The woman with leg problem needs #1.2, she already has #300,000.00 and she needs #900,000 cash for the surgery of the leg. While the other 1million goes to the widow.

Earlier, Kwam1 had explained why he took joy in attending the programme of the Primate Ayodele despite the disparity in their religion. He said he always wants to obey all the messages from primate Ayodele in that he makes him seeks God the more. Unlike other men of God, Primate Ayodele to him always advise him to move closer to God the more.

Meanwhile, the mother of Mercy Adebayo is begging Nigerians to help her, so that her daughter will not die of her heart problem.

She further explained that the father of the baby is a security man that earns N30,000.00 only per month. She said after buying antibiotics she use to give her baby for a whole week there will be no money for feeding. It is Primate that has volunteered to be feeding her since then.

She said, the sickness was discovered in LUTH Idi Araba three months ago and was advised to come for heart surgery as soon as possible. She said: “I am requesting Nigerians to help me to do the surgery soon. I don’t want my child to die, my phone number is 08180877445 and my account name is Salif Mercy Alade, the Bank is Ecobank, account number is 29410098048.

In his speech at the event, the representative of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of the state, who doubles as the state’s Commissioner for Home Affairs, Hon. Prince Olanrewaju Anofiu Elegushi said that Lagos State would continue to collaborate with the United Nations on its developmental programmes.

“We expect to see a better United Nations in the next 25 years when it would be 100 years old and a UN that is fair and just to all nations.

“It is important for the UN to work with African nations, especially those with challenges on peace and economy,” he said.

In another trend, Kwam 1 also promised to print 200,000 copies of the label for the INRI Church choir and if it need repeat order he will do it all for free of charge.

He said: “This church has done a lot for many people. What we are doing is that we are rejoicing to our self. When we are dealing with is more powerful, there is nothing you ask me to do that I will not do. Even if the need be I should lend my voice”.

On his part, President of International World Peace Advocate, Ambassador Per Stafsen, who flew in from Denmark handed over the UN Peace flag to Primate Ayodele and urged him to continue to promote peace in the country as a respected man of God.

“You cannot be around us and be jobless, is a taboo. Something must occupy your brain and occupy your mind. So we need men, young men, young women, that would occupy themselves with something. Here in Lagos State, a star will shine”.

Stafsen said today is Primate Day, as he is celebrating 60years. And as a matter of fact UN is sending a special plate no. His plate no is clearly written UNV900 and it cannot be seen anywhere in Lagos State. That particular number it cannot be seen. Further, he said, “It is specially dedicated to distinguishing you in your next level as a man of honour as a man of dignity from today you will never be talking to an ordinary people again the level had changed”.

Consequently, the celebrant was very happy for the crowd that attended the celebration. He was however seen with the widow, the less privilege and the uncared for in the society. Sharing diverse gift items like Marwa, mattresses, cash and food items.

He use the opportunity to send his messages to the government, he said. “The economy is shaking, the economy of Nigeria is not booming and we want peace. Every Nigerian need peace. The Government should work with genuine men of God to have answers. In the old days in the Bible, even in the Quran, they consult the prophet to get peace. We need peace, enough of killings”.

He said the pastor who are working with the Government are stingy. A prophet is to direct the nation. They have not distinguished pastors and prophets. He said Rev Mbaka is not a prophet. He only missed word and make utterances’, he has never prophesied. “Pastor who only says the mind of Government. They did not say the mind of the masses: Adeboye No 1, Kumuyi No 2, MFM No 3. They will only be supporting Government policy. I am a prophet for the poor and I will continue to advocate for them anywhere in the world. I sold my property to satisfy the widow. My own is to see to the affair of the needy. I give them food. I think more about the needy”.


Photos: Abiodun Omotosho


Post Author: Friday Ekeoba