Pilgrims Defy Rains To Pray For Nigeria In Israel

Olabode  Adaramola

Pilgrims from Adamawa, Kogi and Niger states on Tuesday in Jerusalem, Israel  defied a   heavy down pour and severe  cold to climb to the mount of transfiguration to pray for Nigeria.

According to Daniel Atori, the Niger State Correspondent of the New Telegraphs newspapers who is amongst the Christian Pilgrims to the Holy land from the state, “an early hour rains which lasted for about four  hours started with so much mist which made everywhere cloudy”.

He added that the Chairman of the Niger State’s chapter of the Christians Association of Nigeria( CAN) peaking,  Rev.(Dr.) Mathias Echioda informed that, the rains became a motivating factor as pilgrims could not remain in their hotel rooms.

He said, speaking further, the Cleric in an interactive session with some select journalists in the holy land stressed that  “despite the rains we are still on because of the importance of the pilgrimage and the enthusiasm in us to seek the face of God and to know him more.

“We defiled the rains even though it has been raining since the early hours of the day( Tuesday).

“As you can see, we defiled the rains to pray for Nigeria, our leaders and for ourselves; the rain can not be a stopping factor. If the rains continue till the next day, we will still visit other places and continue in our prayers”,Echioda was quoted as saying.

Also, Acting Director, Christians Department, Niger state Pilgrimage Welfare Board, Joanna Pada argued that,  “it was worth it, getting wet by the rains was just a little price we had to pay to stand in gap for our country, our leaders, ourselves and our families.”

In his prayers, Leader of the Niger State Christian Pilgrims delegation to this year’s pilgrimage, Pastor Yerima El’Yakim Samaila, said “we came to the holy Land to pray for Nigeria and our Leaders and we call on God almighty to grant them wisdom and understanding to lead us well.”

Furthermore, he prayed that “we commits Nigeria as a nation into the hands of God and we thank God for preserving us despite the myriads of  challenges bedeviling the country .”

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba