How My Peace Rallies Stopped Kenyan Violence-Nigerian Peace Ambassador

The Kenyan elections  have come and gone but the sour taste the exercise left in the mouths of many is still fresh. Though peace is back to the east African powerful nation, one man instrumental in the peace process through outreaches to the slums of Kenya is not a Kenyan. Johnbull Da Prince is a Nigerian who has seen Kenya as second home. He risked his life through the flying bullets to reach out to aggrieved parties strongly involved in the violence. In this interview, he shed lights on his input in the return of peace to Kenya.

Johnbull Da Prince is an Eloquent Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant, Life Coach, TV host, Musician with two music albums and Author with twenty-eight books to his credit. He has spoken to over 150,000 boys and twice that number of girls in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Rwanda, and Ivory Coast. He has been invited to UK, USA, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Bahamas, and some other Asian countries. He has preached in over 12 nations as well.

He is the Founder of Love Brings Peace Foundation and Africa Director for Fruit of Her Hands Foundation UK. He holds a Masters and PhD degrees from reputable Schools. He is a regular guest on TV shows on NTA, KBC, Focus TV and many radio stations. He was recently featured on a Sunday Morning Gospel TV Show, called KILELE GOSPEL SHOW, hosted by supermodel, Jennifer Wairimu. He granted this interview on his role in restoring peace to Kenya where he has adopted as second home.



  • When was your first time in Kenya?

I have been traveling to Kenya since 2010, I consider Kenya my second home. I love the country so much. Normally, I go there to do Motivational Speaking in Churches, Schools and Campuses. But in my last trip I was there during their election. I saw the effect of tribalism, ethnicity and divisive partisan politics so I decided to do a Peace Project to unite the nation.

  • Comparing your acceptance in Kenya to your acceptance in Nigeria, which is most pleasant to you based on your personal experience?

Kenya is more pleasant. Kenya gives you a better platform to do whatever you are doing because of basic amenities which are readily available, access to information which may be easily sourced unlike Nigeria where information is difficult to come by, constant electricity which makes communication easier and communication is the bedrock for any development to take place. The list goes on and on.

With gifts for the less privileged
With gifts for the less privileged
  • How did your Peace Campaign stop violence in Kenya and what strategies did you apply to shut violence down?

My Peace Campaign stopped violence. Violence mostly comes from the poor areas where poor youths lives. I took my Peace Campaign to the poor areas, notably the slums. For example, I and my team went to Kibera slums which is notably the biggest slum in Kenya and it is the second largest slum in the whole of Africa after Soweto in South Africa. We also went to Mathare slums and several other slums. We engaged the youths face to face. I spoke on peace and encouraged them to let go of violence. In one of the meetings where I was speaking to the youths you could hear gunshots at the background. Sometimes I had to pass through large groups of soldiers to get to the areas of the youths. The strategies I used included visiting orphanages with foodstuff, clothes and other provisions. I also went to the youth meetings with drinks, foodstuff and others in order to encourage them to listen to me. Through interaction with youths, I was able to discourage them from engaging in violence.

At one of the ralles

  • What informed the titles of your two books?

Youths desire to make a difference in the world but many of them don’t know how to go about it. Through the inspiration and lessons from the stories in my two books, they will get many points that will help them to make a difference in the world.

  • When was the book launched and for how much can it be purchased already?

The book is not yet launched. What I intend to do is a press conference.

  • You’ve written and published 28 books with two music albums, how do you get to rest?

I enjoy my work and I desire God to open more doors for me to do much, much, much more. Actually I rest when I work because it’s my passion so I just enjoy every bit of it.

  • Planning for marriage and children anytime soon?

My times are in the hands of my Creator.

  • Talk about your indigenous tribe in Nigeria, your life there and how your present life has impacted your people back home.

My indigenous tribe is Urhobo. I come from a royal family in Delta State. Most of my family members followed a particular lifestyle or pattern. But from childhood I was called to be different. And I have followed the path chosen for me by God. My life is a testimony to my people. Because when I was in Kenya in my last trip, many watched or saw my work in Kenya and it has challenged many of them to aspire to greatness. If you look at one of my pictures, you will see a woman who is wearing the same T-shirt with me. She is Deltan by birth but she’s British by nationality. She is a medical doctor married in the UK. We had never met in person but when she saw the work am doing in Kenya, she requested to join me, I went ahead and invited her to Kenya. I hosted her for nine days, and together we visited 10 children’s homes. She also supported my work in Kenya and she bought me a laptop. So my work is having a positive effect on my people both directly and indirectly.


At a function for peace

  • Your major experience at the embassies?

To an extent it is favorable but there is a great setback because I have been to 12 countries and I have made attempts to go to more countries doing this same assignment of positively affecting lives but with the Nigerian passport you sometimes face strange problems. For example, last December I got a three months visa to Uganda from Uganda Commission in Nairobi but on getting to the border I was denied entry into Uganda just because I’m a Nigerian. This government claims that Nigerians have a higher level of acceptance and a credible image outside the country but it is not true at all. The reality on ground is different from the purported and sham news that they are always giving.

  • Do you believe in reincarnation? That maybe you have a Kenyan past life that you may be coming back to advance?

I believe that every man has only one life to live. It is appointed unto men once to die and after that there is judgement. But if you read the Bible you will realize that John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah. Considering it from that angle I think the spirit of Apostle Paul is resting upon me. Secondly, there is something about me, I love travelling. My sweetest experiences in life happens when I travel whether within or outside Nigeria. I have only been to 12 countries but I’d like to visit more countries. However, I have gone to Kenya more than any other country and it was the first country I traveled to in my life. When I travel to any country, I learn their songs and try to immerse myself in their culture, music, food, language and lifestyle. It makes me become very much like them. If I go to Ghana I sing their songs and speak a bit of their language. When am in Kenya, I take time to listen to their songs and speak their language. It is exciting and interesting for me. I don’t see myself as a stranger rather, I see myself as being one of them.

  • If you believe it’s possible, where would you want to be reborn if you are returning ever to earth again?

If I should come back to this world again, I may still prefer to be born a Nigerian but I would want to be born in a very rich home where I will not lack anything. I should have access to wealth such that I will be able to get whatever I want without stress especially when it comes to gaining knowledge and opportunities. My fundamental philosophy in life guides all I do and that is, “to love every one as Christ loved them”. It makes me to feel at home in any country I find myself.

  • Thank you for making Nigeria proud and for putting her name on the map of global goodwill.

I thank God for everything and thank you too, for taking notice of what God is doing through me. God bless you too. Amen.



Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel