Pastor’s Wife Butchers Stepson for Begging for Food

Wife to a Pastor in the Chosen Church of God, Elejigbo branch, Ota, Ogun state has butchered the left hand of her stepson and broke his head with a bottle.

The woman identified as Grace Ugonna Eze allegedly attacked her 14 year-old step son with a machete, on Wednesday, November 11 for having the temerity to step out of the house to beg for food.

It was gathered that since the biological mother of the boy died in 2015 and her husband, a pastor and moderator in a Chosen Church remarried three months after her death, life has been a piece of hell on earth for the boy.

Neighbors said that the boy was always going out to beg for food because his stepmother hardly feeds him hence she went gaga on that fateful day and taught him a lesson he would never forget in his life.

According to a source quoted by Facefactsng, “the stepmother, Mrs Grace, who has been constantly assaulting the boy physically regularly, often times, denying him food was further infuriated claiming he doesn’t stay at home.

Expressing angst and anger, she decided to give him a mark in a bid to punish him by slashing “his arm with a machete and broke a bottle on his head.”

It was, however, unclear if the woman has been arrested

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba