Pastor Tunde Bakare opposes sale of national assets

Pastor Tunde Bakare opposes sale of national assets

Dayo Emmanuel


While the debate on possible sales of national assets to help the nation out of recession continues, one Nigerian opposed to the proposal is Lagos Pastor and Activist, Dr. Tunde Bakare.

Bakare in his sermon today at his Later Rain Assembly, Lagos, said “Some people are saying they want to sell assets of Nigeria. And to add salt to injury, they said after they sell, they will still go and borrow.”

The idea to sell some national assets including the golden prized Nigerian Natural Liquefied Gas (NNLG) came to public knowledge when the National Assembly reconvened after its recess last week.

Bakare, praying passionately for Nigeria during his sermon, said, “Nigeria will flourish again. God will restore our land, He will restore our glory.”


Prophetically, Bakare, who was running mate to General Muhammadu Buhari on the platform of the CPC in 2011 presidential election prophesied further that, “I see a long queue of people lining up just to obtain Nigerian passport.”

The cleric who recently returned from England and Ukraine was confident that Nigeria’s assets would not be sold.

“I bring you greetings from London, England and I tell you Nigeria’s assets would not be sold, we would proffer solution to our problems.”

In his prayers for the leaders, a biblical injunction for the Church of God, Bakare interceded for the political leaders. “God will bless our leaders, they will put round pegs in round hole, they would remove square pegs from round holes,” he prayed.

The Latter Rain Assembly has also announced a period of fasting and prayer for Nigeria commencing on independent day, 1st October 2016.

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