Nigerian Missionary To Tanzania Calls For Christians’ Support

Nigerian missionary to Tanzania, Pastor Dayo Adetunji has revealed that he is sent to the east African country to raise indigenous ministers to preach the gospel to the local people.

Adetunji, a missionary with the Kingdom Bearer Outreach International told Church Times that the harvest is ripe in Tanzania and God is sending him and his family to preserve the harvest.

“We are going to Tanzania to raise men of stature to reap the harvest of the land. We are trusting God to help us to raise indigenes who can become missionaries and reach out to the nooks and crannies of their own land,” he said.

Adetunji added that, “There are quite a lot of unreached people in that land and we are trusting God to help us to raise and train Christians from their own people who can reach out to the unreached Tanzanians.

Talking about the real needs of the people, the missionary said, “Tanzania needs mature Christians. They need to have Christians who are matured to be able to reach out to the people. It will surprise you to know that about half of the people are Christians but Church attendance is about 8% and Hiv/aids is prevalent in the communities.”

Continuing, the missionary said, “Zanzibar, a part of Tanzania for instance has about 73% Muslims and 3% Christians. It is about the most troubled part of the world. Among the persecuted nations in the world Tanzania is 33 according to the rating.”

He however advised Christians to be passionate about missions and learn to gather information. “Just like Joshua and Caleb, they went to do their research about the land. The Bible says the labour of the foolish wearies them all because they do not know how to get into the market. We gathered a lot of information online and our brethren there also gave us a lot of information. We listen to the news over time apart from the spiritual insight from God.”

Appealing for support from well-meaning Christians, Adetunji said, “We need support from brethren to prosecute the mission and fulfill our calling. I am with with my wife, Olubusayo Adetunji and my daughter Araoluwa on the missionary effort and the just shall live by faith. We had to trust God for money for flight ticket, accommodation, school for my daughter is about N150,000 per year or about a million Shillings. We need equipment, projector for film show. House rent is paid monthly and it is about N35,000 and we are believing God.”

Adetunji also called for prayer support for stability. “We are also raising prayer support. We believe prayer can do much more we also trust God for financial support. From the home front a lot of support need to be in place. That was how missions like CMS were able to survive. They got a lot of support from home so we trust that God will give us individuals,” he said.

“Very soon we trust that God would have helped us greatly. We trust God that we would have planted Churches in various locations, we believe the Lord to strengthen us to train Tanzanians to go into the nooks and crannies of the land with full force of the gospel of Christ,” he said.

Enlightening about the government policy in Tanzania, Adetunji said, “I have always told people that in Tanzania everything is monitored. The people are spies to themselves, the government sees you are a worker so they monitor your activities to make sure you are actually doing what you said you were entering the country to do.

“In Tanzania you are not allowed under the law to do any business as a missionary, So for me and my wife we are not permitted to do any business whatsoever, what we are going to do is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and no other thing,” he said.


Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel