Navy Reference Hospital Reacts To Viral Video On Alleged Malpractice

Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital (NNRH), Ojo, has debunked allegations of malpractice against the hospital by a Lagos lawyer, identified as Barrister Nonso Ugo Nnadi, in a viral video.

Following what it described as professional malfeasance against its Commandant, the Nigerian Navy explained in a statement that what the lawyer painted didn’t reflect the true picture of what transpired when the patient was brought into their hospital.

The statement by the hospital in Lagos stated that on April 2nd, a 14-year-old boy was admitted to the Accident and Emergency Unit about 1100hrs on account of a head injury sustained from an assault days earlier.

The NNRH explained that they immediately carried out an urgent brain CT scan to determine the degree of injury, which showed that there was a “penetrative head injury with several foci of epidural, subdural and intracerebral haemorrhage”.

As a result, the consultant neurosurgeon reviewed the patient, and decided an urgent craniotomy for the patient, and was estimated to cost ₦3,000,000 (including cost of post operative ICU care).

However, the child’s condition was said to have been stabilized with treatment and antibiotics before he was transferred from the “Accident and Emergency” to the Children’s Ward about 0900hrs on 3rd April, 2024.

It was learnt that prior to the commencement of medical procedure which would have led to surgery, the relatives gave the impression that they had the financial muscles to bear the medical cost for the procedure.

Meanwhile, it was disclosed by NNRH, that “the relatives who initially said they were financially ready later confessed that they could only raise less than ₦1,000,000.”

As medical personnel saddled with the responsibility to save life, they were ready to proceed with the surgery with whatever deposit that was made. Unfortunately, they said, “the patient’s relative was unwilling to make a commitment.”

Conversely, the patient’s condition deteriorated as evidenced by the worsening Glasgow Coma Score and other vital signs, making the managing team inform his relatives the urgency of the surgical intervention.

However, on the 4th April, 2024, about 2000hrs, the Consultant Neurosurgeon was said to have reviewed the patient and explained to the relatives his situation.


To the amazement of the NNRH management, while the patient was been examined, the mother started recording the neurosurgeon without seeking his consent, a situation he was not happy with. He asked the woman to delete the video which she did after the intervention of the Duty Watch Officer.

Appalled by the action of the Duty Watch Officer, the woman turned confrontational and abusive, and subsequently demanded a referral to another hospital.

NNRH further said they explained to her the consequences of her action that could delay his treatment and worsen the prognosis.

Despite medical advice, she insisted on getting a referral, which she got “about 0730hrs on the 5th April, 2024, facilitated by a lawyer in company of a doctor, who came to the Hospital to enforce the referral.

“They were unruly, uncivil and also disturbed the peace of the Hospital, constituting a nuisance to other patients on admission. Despite this, the officer on duty re-emphasized that the patient’s mother had the right to discharge her son against medical advice (DAMA) and urged them to be calm.

“Thereafter, the mother signed the DAMA form after settling the incured bills and left the Hospital with the patient about 0830hrs,” the hospital management further explained.

Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital, Ojo, said, “It is regrettable that the patient’s relative never brought this matter to the attention of the Hospital’s management, which would have, probably, led to charges/cost waivers offered as part of the Hospital’s Corporate Responsibility.

“Rather, they chose to play to the gallery by spreading obvious and unfortunate lies in the social media.”

It would be recalled that Barr Nonso Ugo Nnadi, had on social media platforms, lambasted NNRH and its staffers, especially the Commandant, for their unprofessional conduct.

The lawyer claimed they were more interested in money making than saving the life of the boy who was in a debilitating condition.

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