Ministers Of God Must First Attend To Their Devotional Lives -Afolabi


Serving Overseer of the First Love Assembly, Pastor Simeon Afolabi has urged ministers of the gospel to mind their devotional lives as a matter of priority.

Afolabi gave the call Saturday morning during a mentoring session with ministers via zoom.

The event was put together by the Revival Promotion Partners (RPP), a support group with bias for Christian outreaches.

Themed ‘Mentoring Moments’, the session featured ministers from various ministries who took part in the online event.

“As ministers of God, God is the first we should minister to before ministering to the people,” Afolabi counseled.

The serving overseer also noted that, “There is a certain amount of spiritual energy that leaves you as a minister when you minister to the people and it is through your devotional life that you can replenish the virtue that goes out.”

Drawing example from the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:25-34, Afolabi said Jesus knew virtue went out of him because someone drew in faith. He however wondered how much virtue could have left the master if everybody thronging him at the moment had drawn from him without he replenishing the spiritual energy.

He also revealed that, “The devil does not hide his hatred for God, for His ministers, their ministries and he will do just everything to crush such ministries.”

Advising ministers on how to replenish their virtues, Afolabi said a rich devotional life is the way to refuel.

“When a minister builds his devotional life, he builds fortification and he is moving into safety.


“If our devotional life suffers, we become opened to unprecedented attacks of the devil,” he said.

He also taught on how to build a devotional life. Reading from Mark 1:35, Afolabi said using Jesus’ format is a sure way to build a strong devotional life.

“Build your devotional life using Jesus’ format seen in Mark 1:35. Rising up a long while before daylight, Jesus built a rich devotional life,” he said, recommending that ministers of God should cultivate the habit of rising early.

“I want to recommend ministers to cultivate a habit of early rising, but I am not saying early hours of the day are more holy. I want to say those hours are less busy as you never can tell what can happen as distractions during the day.

“Early hours of the day before the phones start to ring; you want to ring heaven first. You have a sure bet if you wake up early. I prefer to rise early. I try as much as possible to avoid things that keep me late in the night,” he explained.

Stating further, the teacher of the word of God said, “A minister that wants to build his devotional life must cultivate rising early.” He also noted that there must be a pocket of times in the course of the year to build a devotional life. You come out stronger as a minister of God when you take few days out during the year to build up your devotional life.”

Counseling the ministers further, Afolabi said ministers should not do ministry alone but should divide the labour in ministry.

“Don’t do it alone, don’t seek to manage the ministry alone, assign roles so it doesn’t look as if it is only you that can do it,” he admonished.

Revival Promotion Partners is an outreach group that organises the Ministers Conference and the Restoration Seminar every quarter which have been of tremendous blessings to the body of Christ in recent times.

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel