Military Pensions Board Denies Verification Exercise For Veterans

By: Okosun Dennis

The Military Pensions Board ( MPB) has disassociated itself from the purported ongoing verification exercise being carried out in some banks.

When Nationalwire online called the spokesperson of the board, Flight Lieutenant Olayinka Lawal over the weekend to confirm the truism of the exercise, he said it was a lie as the board has not started any verification exercise.

“It is a lie. There is nothing like verification. We have not started verification,” Ft Lt Lawal explained.

However, in a statement later in Abuja, Flight Lieutenant Olayinka Lawal called on Veterans “to disregard the rumour about “ongoing verification exercise” in Ibadan or somewhere else.

“It is far from the truth. Whenever arrangements for the verification is perfected, MPB will officially inform all veterans.

“You are please urged to be patient. All veterans will be verified accordingly when the time comes,” Ft Lt Lawal reiterated.

It would be recalled that there has been a growing rumour of verification among military Pensioners in the last couple of weeks.

It was gathered that some veterans claimed that they were verified in Zenith Bank and given verification slip.

With MPB dispelling the rumoured exercise, it is expected that every military pensioner’s nerve would be calmed and look forward to such a time there will an official statement for the exercise to commence across the country.

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba