LGBTQ: Why Waheed Ademola, John Smith, Funmilayo Oruntola, Gbemisola Ojo, Others Are Wanted For Prosecution

The manhunt for Waheed Ademola (male), John Smith (male), Bernard Anthony (male), Funmilayo Oruntola (female) Gbemisola Ojo (female) amongst others wanted in connection with LGBTQ cases remains in force.

Waheed Ademola and his other members who, as at the time of filling this report, were at large, are still wanted for prosecution by security operatives.

According to investigation, Waheed Ademola and some of his members escaped from a gay wedding ceremony at a hotel in Delta State in August 27th, 2023, where over 100 members of the LGBTQ was arrested by the police in the state.


Further investigation also reveals that in 2018, Waheed Ademola, notable member of the LGBTQ community, was also suspected to be among the people who organized a meeting of LGBTQ activities in a brothel located in Okota area of Lagos state where 10 members was arrested.

Waheed Ademola and his other members who are at large, are on wanted list of the security operatives, including the local vigilante groups for persecution.

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