In Pursuit of Passion for Music, U-Gin makes “BAD.D.E.R…”

A Cameroonian singer who moved to Lagos after graduating in Law and Political Science from the University  of Yaounde II (Cameroon), in pursuing his musical dream, Eugene Kede had courted thousands of followers with his songs such as ‘Azza’ and ‘Wozzi’.

Eugene, also known as U-Gin, released his new single ‘BAD.D.E.R’ with his full swag activated, U-Gin’s performance at the HAVEN club in Yaba attested to his continuing ties between African and western kinds of music, which he labelled as Afro-soul, writes Olasumbo Talabi.

His Afro-soul music was discovered in between modern music and his native folklore songs (bitkutsi, makossa, magambeu, assiko music). With over eight years of experience, U-Gin’s self-discovery happened in 2014. Since then, he has been making efforts to break more boundaries for his songs to give voice to the voiceless.

“My kind of song is an opportunity to express what I feel, what I go through and the things I wish, which also serve as a platform to speak on behalf of the voiceless.

“I always wanted to inspire, to make you happy and to be happy. I want to make history with happy music and set a tight standard. On the other hand, music called me because initially I wanted to be a soldier and fight evil and injustices. However, music had the best of me,” he said.


Talking about the source of his inspiration, he said, “My song, BAD.D.E.R was inspired by an idea of abusive relationships which is regular in our society today,

“I was thinking about a guy/lady going through the stress of an abusive relationship, trying to save it but to no avail… that’s how I came about BAD.D.E.R… it’s another hit song many will relate to too and also enjoy. The wording and the choice of tone are just excellent,” he explained.

Talking about those who have inspired him, he said, “I look up to R. Kelly, though it’s sad how his stories changed…he is one of those artists that inspired me. From his charisma to his spirituality (in his music) mehn, I was so drunk about his experience until what happened.

“There are so many others and, trust me, the list is long. Fela is a giant in my heart, his dream of establishing a different Nigeria far from selfishness and politics is a legacy I identify myself with,” he said.

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba