How to Enjoy God’s Direction


Theme: Enjoying God’s Direction

Minister: Pastor Simeon Afolabi

Venue: First Love Assembly, Lagos

Date: 23rd October 2016


Psalm 48:14

  • From the cradle till the end we need God’s guidance
  • Psalm 73:24
  • If glory is your destination, divine guidance is your route.
  • Divine guidance is not an elective matter, it is a compulsory thing.
  • The guidance of God will ultimately lead to glory.
  • In psalm 23 we can see Provision, Contentment, Peace, Restoration, Righteousness, Protection, Comfort, Fresh oil (Anointing of the Spirit)



  • God’s guidance can come to us through Revelation – Divine Disclosure
  • God’s guidance can come to us by night vision, dreams or trance




  • Another way we can get God’s guidance is by the principles of the Word of God
  • I Kings 3:16-28
  • Many people kill the gifts of God in their lives by sleeping on them.
  • Sometimes we get guidance by the principles of the Word of God.
  • Exodus 21:35
  • When the two women (in the above I Kings 3:16-18) came to the King, there was no precedence, however, there was a principle close to the case. It was not a revelation, but the case in Exodus 21 is the closest principle applied.
  • Many times all we need is to find a principle from the Word of God and apply.
  • If you don’t have a revelation, prophecy, dream, direct word, pick the principle of the word of God and apply.
  • How did Solomon know there was a close principle if he was not conversant?
  • Proverb 22:17
  • What you store in the heart, at the spur of the moment, when you need it, it leaps out.
  • What you have premeditated and digested, when it is needed, would come out.
  • The word you have stored into your heart will be digested and it will be fitted into your lips when the occasion arises.
  1. Guidance by openings or by opportunities II Cor.2:12-13

*             Sometimes you get to know God’s guidance by the doors of opportunities He opens.

* Revelation 3:7-8 – Sometimes what others are banging the door for, God just opens the door for you.

* Sometimes closed doors can also be God’s way of showing us guidance. Sometimes when doors are closed, we need to know who is behind it.

Not all closed doors are closed by satan

Numbers 22:22-24

  • When God is opposing you, let all the men of God hold their hands, they are wasting time.
  • If it is God that closes a door and you want to force it open, you might be walking into trouble.
  • Could it be that the people shielding you are the ones you are fighting? Just like the donkey was shielding Balaam.
  • Anyone who makes it to hell, it would be against all the obstacles God has arraigned.
  • Do you know God can convert the curse of men to bless you? God can overwrite negative projections of men to be a blessing to you.
  • Guidance of God can be known through the openings God gives us or through the shut doors.
  • If a door is shut, examine it, it is satan, rise up against him. If it is God, submit to His will and He will open another door.
  • Don’t bury your head and mourn when a door is shut. If God closes one, it means He wants to open another.
  • God’s guidance can come to us by counsel. Proverbs 27:9, Proverbs 11:14, Proverbs 24:6
  • Why do we need counsels of others? It is because we are fallible, only God is infallible.
  • Many people are suffering today because they didn’t seek counsel of others.
  • Don’t get to a point in your life when no one can talk to you again.
  • Since human being are fallible, so are their counsel, this is why you take the counsel of men to God and let Him be final umpire.
  • When you give counsel to people, leave them unbound. Still let them hold the decision.
  • Ahithophel people can’t see people not taking their counsel, don’t do that. Even if you have given the best counsel and someone is not taking it, just go and pray for the person.
  • Exodus 18:17-23


Summary: God guides through Revelation, Principles of the Word of God, and through Gudance.

Post Author: Dayo Emmanuel