How Boko Haram Made Us Celebrate Xmas Eve On Mountain -Victim

…kills four, abducts five Garkida youths

Anybody still saying Boko Haram terrorists have been subjugated would have to have a rethink after reading through this gory experience from a victim who was compelled to have his Xmas celebration far away on top of mountain to save his life from the marauding Boko Haram terrorists.

According to Henry Wakama who shared his experiences on his facebook wall narrated his bitter odds after arriving Garkida in Adamawa to celebrate with his family only to be despatched to the bush after the city came under intense attack.

On the 25th, which was Christmas day when they counted their losses, it was learnt, a Divisional Police Officer in one of the stations was shot dead as well as other four corpses recovered, two of which are suspected to be workers of the ongoing water project, and the others, youths of the community, were later found at the scene.

Other losses suffered according to Wakama included: trucks belonging to road project contractor were burnt down; hospital were attacked and the pharmacy broken into and all medications looted.

Besides, hospital ambulance was vandalised and people’s cars were burnt while five youths were abducted and taken into captivity.

Explaining how he practically walked into death, Wakama said he departed Yola on the 24th December, 2020 to celebrate the Christmas in his sweet home, Garkida. Unfortunately, he never knew his stay would turn sour.

“My trip was safe as I drove into Garkida. On entering the town, I was welcomed by an Army truck filled with armed personels speeding towards the entrance of the town.

Characteristiically, “I stopped by the market to enquire what was happening. To his dismay he narrated, “Everyone was running for his dear life. I managed to stop someone and asked, and his answer sent a paralysed feelings down my spine.

“They are coming again,” he answered and continued his running.

Realising that he was referring to Boko Haram, he breezed up for any eventualities.

“I struggled and drove past the market towards my house and managed to reach my home. I was confronted with the worst realities as almost everyone was running into the bushes and the mountain. Not quite long, I started hearing sounds of gun shots and bullets flying around.”

In a state of dilemma, “I saw someone close-by trying to close his gate but when he sighted me, he opened his gate and I quickly drove in; packed the car but not without brushing the gate post.

It was further gathered that about 4pm, security had slumped and all and sundry were said to have ran out and joined the fleeing troops of people into the mountain to take cover.

Soon after, it was gathered, troops of the Nigerian Army and Vigilantee groups engaged the terrorists in a fierce battle as citizens of the community hid in the mountain and watched them engaged in battle.

While the exchange of gun fire was ranging, the insurgents were using the opportunity to loot essential community they needed.

“We could see them also packing cartoons of drugs from the hospital store. Moments later, there was sights of fighter jets dropping bombs and neutralising the Boko Haram attackers.

Unfortunately for us, “We were in the mountain until about 1am when the gun shots and bombings subsided before we had the privilege of coming down from the mountain and sneaked into our homes.

Unluckily, Wakama further added, “Our shelter suffered huge damages. Moreover, it was learnt, the cold weather condition coupled with the breeze on the mountain was biting harder on the children and made life unbearable and discomforting.

As they tried to gather the pieces and come in terms with the realities of the collective losses they suffered, their prayers is to have those in captivity released safe and sound back to their various homes.

Post Author: Friday Ekeoba